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"We're the B Team"

Sarah and Chuck are about to board their plane for Tblisi when Awesome calls to tell Chuck that Ellie wants their dad's laptop. Chuck says Ellie absolutely cannot have it, because it's filled with dangerous spy stuff and so is buried beneath Langley right now. Chuck tells Awesome to say that he brought it to the Buy More to get fixed, which Awesome agrees is an awesome idea: She'll assume Jeffster! lost it. Cut to Jeffster! playing some version of Memory, a la Ghostbusters or something, but without the zapping for an incorrect answer. Ellie interrupts, and Lester snaps at her. She says she'd just like her computer back, please, but they won't let her have it without a ticket, which she obviously doesn't have. So she pretends that there is a video of her and Awesome having sex on that computer. They promise to do everything they possibly can to find it right away.

Chuck and Sarah wait at an airport in Tblisi, until a car full of shady-looking dudes show up. Chuck thinks it's why General Redhead sent them. The guys get out, and none of them looks like Jana to Sarah, so she starts to pull a gun as they open the trunk. Chuck's upset they'd stuff Jana in the trunk, then they bring a tiny bag over and Chuck thinks they've chopped Jana up. Turns out that, no, actually, she's a tiny little rat dog. Chuck flashes on her, and realizes that is actually Jana. The guys give them instructions on what to do with her to avoid accidents and an upset stomach. Chuck realizes they're actually the B team.

And, back at Castle, he's still upset about it. Sarah tells him that nothing's changed. Casey's new team is just the competition, and they have to earn their title as A team. She says they're going to find Dragan and earn their status back. Chuck says the only problem is they don't know where they're keeping the Turk, who can lead them to Dragan. Then we hear the yap yap yap of a rat dog. Dead giveaway. Chuck worries maybe she has another upset tummy, but Sarah's worried about one thing only: getting behind Casey's secret door, where the yapping is coming from. Chuck: "All we gotta do is get through four inches of solid steel." Sarah: "Or we chop off Casey's hand." Chuck thinks they should keep that as their backup plan.

Chuck's banging on the door at Morgan and Casey's, telling Morgan he can hear him eating potato chips. Morgan refuses to answer the door, despite Chuck's protests. Morgan swears it's for Chuck's own good, but Chuck thinks that's just what Casey told Morgan to say. Sarah comes in through the ceiling with a tranq gun trained on Morgan and shoots him with it. She and Chuck go to work looking for a Casey handprint in the apartment. They use special goggles and flashlights to find a handprint. Sarah finds a bunch of child-sized handprints (Morgan's), and then Chuck finds the full man hand on the Reagan portrait. Perfect! Cut to them using a print of it to get the steel door open. Sarah: "Not bad for the B team."

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