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"We're the B Team"

Sarah catches Dragan, who shows her that he's wearing the detonator. It's strapped to his chest, and will start if his heart stops. So he tells her she can kill him and everyone, or he can kill her. He thinks it's an easy choice. Stacy Greta runs up behind, and Sarah yells at her not to shoot. She doesn't listen, and kills him. His heart stops, and the bomb over with Casey, Isaiah Greta and now Chuck starts counting down from five minutes. Isaiah Greta suggests they fly it off into space. Chuck points out they're in the middle of L.A. County, but Isaiah Greta says it's the difference between 100,000 casualties and 1 million. Chuck tells Casey he can disarm it, but Greta says they have the same computer and he can't. Chuck says he can do it, and Casey gives the bomb to Chuck. Sarah comes running up then, and Chuck says it's just like old times, huh? Casey says he hopes there's a plan, and Chuck says there is.

He starts taking the bomb apart and says they'll have to improvise. Isaiah Greta: "It's a nuclear bomb." As it comes apart, Chuck flashes again, and realizes where the detonator's from: a Chinese sub, meaning it would have to be modified for deployment in salt water. Chuck's happy because he realizes the detonators deactivate in salt water in case of a hull breach. The Gretas point out they're miles from an ocean, so Chuck thinks and then asks Casey for his juice box. He reads the label and it has 100 mg of sodium. Intense close-up of the straw, then Sarah asks, "Chuck, are you about to disarm a nuclear bomb using fruit juice?" He nods, and she sweetly says, "Okay, do it." He does and it works. Chuck and Sarah kiss and tell each other they love each other. Because, see? Love and romance are not problems here; they help. Get it? Chuck snarks at Isaiah Greta: "Try not to drop the bomb, Rick."

Castle. All five from the mission, plus Robin Givens, are at the table on the TV phone with General Redhead, who says it looks like things have gotten crowded in Castle. Robin Givens says this operation requires only one team. General Redhead concurs, and after reading Casey's report, she chooses to get rid of the team that threatened Chuck's life and then almost killed them all by -- oh, I don't know -- DETONATING A NUKE. Casey takes responsibility for his team, but General Redhead tells Robin Givens she never should have done this without consulting the real Intersect. She puts Chuck in charge of all aspects of the Intersect Project going forward. Robin Givens wonders about her Gretas. Which brings us to them being un-Intersected. Casey walks in and asks how they feel. They're totally relieved, and feel sorry for Chuck. "That poor bastard Bartowski," says Isaiah Greta. They wish Casey good luck, and leave.

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