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"We're the B Team"

Robin Givens catches Casey and says she's not done with him, even though there's no team. She says the problem's not with the Gretas; it's with this computer, and he's going to help her fix it. Casey says the best engineers couldn't crack the code, and she agrees. "I need someone who thinks like a Bartowski." Casey asks what she's getting at, but we all know what's coming... Out in Castle, Chuck and Sarah are about to play Final Fantasy 2 when they get a call for a new mission. He wonders where they're going, but she's sure it's someplace far off and exciting, because they're the A team. He's going to bring the game for the plane ride, but she says she's sure they can find something else to pass the time. They kiss, and he's like, "Not to be crude, but you were talking about sex, right?"

Awesome arrives home and finds a quiet, sad Ellie folding clothes. He asks if she's okay, what with the not talking a million miles a second. She says the guys at the Buy More couldn't find her computer. Awesome apologizes and says he never should have trusted those guys with it. She says no, it's not his fault. She just hoped there'd be something on it that might change the fact she's just a stay-at-home mom. Awesome: "Woah. Stop right there. You are Eleanor Bartowski Woodcomb. Ph.D. M.D. The brainiest, sexiest, kick-assiest woman I've ever known. You're not just anything, Ellie. You're Mrs. Awesome." Awww. They hug and she thanks him.

Casey arrives home to his own domestic partner, Morgan, who tells him about Sarah and Chuck tranqing him. He apologizes for blowing it, and tries to turn in his wings. Plastic wings from Southwest, which makes no sense. But he says he let Casey down, he knows, but he can't lie to Chuck anymore. Casey says he doesn't have to, because they're on the same team from here on out. Which I hope means Casey had nothing to do with what happens next: Robin Givens shows up at Ellie's and pretends Jeffster! accidentally delivered her laptop to her. She gives Bakula's laptop back, and Ellie's elated. Later, when Awesome comes home, Ellie says he's home early. He tells her it's dinner time. She's like, "What? Woah, Clara's taking a monster nap. I must have lost myself." Awesome asks if that's... Ellie say yes, she found her dad's computer. Awesome looks worried. And the cliff will hang there until next week.

When there a bunch of new Chucks. Whatever that means. I guess Intersect Project? But they all keep getting killed off, so the team has to figure out who or what is after all the Chucks.

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