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Mommy Dearest

Morgan halfheartedly decorates for Halloween when Big Mike finds him and asks if everything's okay. He's just a bit overwhelmed with work stuff and helping Chuck. He asks Big Mike how to balance Buy More and his other life. He asked the right person, because Big Mike learned all about delegating in his twelve and a half weeks at the El Segundo School of Finance. They chat and then Morgan tries to delegate the haunted house building to Big Mike. But he's too busy with his Danielle Steele novel and says Morgan needs to put some real crazies on something that scary anyway. He leads Morgan right to Jeffster! (Jeff is shirtless and headbanded) dancing like fools in front of a TV. Halloweeny slasher-flick music melds with whatever pop diva they're dancing like maniacs to.

Chuck and Sarah are at the weapons meet; she's posing as the hostess and seats him. He asks if she has another of those hostess outfits for at home, which makes me wonder why she doesn't get to keep it. She's a spy, not a TV actor. Casey breaks in for Chuck to shut it; grownups are trying to work here. Which is, of course, Morgan's cue to join Casey at Castle. When Casey jokes that he didn't even notice Morgan wasn't here already, Morgan giggles that he loves their give and take -- "classic Ross and Rachel." Casey tells Morgan a good spy is trained in the art of silence, so Morgan talks into whatever magical TV device makes it possible for Chuck to hear them. Casey glares. Robert Englund joins Chuck and wants to talk price. They start to wheel and deal, when Frost strolls up and tells Robert Englund that she's done some digging, and Mr. Carmichael's story doesn't check out; he's a spy. She stands up and shoots Chuck in the chest. Then she shoots in Sarah's direction and runs away. Sarah runs to Chuck, who's alive, of course (he is the name of the show and all that), thanks to his bullet-proof vest. Sarah asks if he's okay, but Sad Chuck is back: "My mom shot me."

Castle. Chuck tells Sarah his heart hurts, and she agrees his mom totally betrayed him. But he actually means his heart hurts, since that's where she shot him. He tells Sarah he's such an idiot for trusting his mom despite everything he knew about her. Sarah says that Chuck manages to trust people despite everything in the spy world being based on deceit; that's what she loves about him. And he's funny. Morgan and Casey join them, and Casey congratulates the team on the weapon and two fugitives being on the loose. Morgan tells Chuck to relax and let the rest of Team Bartowski handle this since his mom just shot him and all. Morgan gets a text from Lester that just says "HELP!" He heads upstairs, where Jeffster! freaks him out, asking if they're allowed to get actual dead bodies from the morgue for the haunted house. Morgan's going to have to say no to that one. He says he put them in charge to get it off his plate, so they're going to have to figure it out. He wants it big, fun and scary. He leaves them alone. Lester says they have to tap into the most scary and demented place they can think of: Jeff's head. He grabs Jeff's hair and then says he should start using conditioner; his hair smells like hay.

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