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Mommy Dearest

Chuck and Morgan walk from the hall into the Buy More and are impressed with the cobwebs and decorations Jeffster! have put up. But they say this is nothing compared to the main event: a room they've built called "The Aisle of Terror." They explain that Jeff participated in a psychological test (there's nothing he won't do for thirty dollars and a sandwich; or just a sandwich), where he learned about these images that will strike terror in even the most fearless lunatics. They hit play, and Clockwork Orange-style monitors play the following images as Jeff shines a flashlight in his face and narrates: old people, public showers, interspecies relationship (monkey hugging tiger). Morgan stops them and says this is one of the worst things he's ever seen, and he doesn't want any customers in here. Jeff keeps going: Babies in costumes. "Is it a baby, or is it a snail? I don't know." Chuck leaves.

Ellie, Awesome and Honey are in a baby store; Honey's giving Ellie parenting tips about positive female influences as Frost comes up behind them, watching and listening from a distance. Awesome found a stuffed bear in a ballerina suit that can do the chicken dance, but Honey's not impressed. She tosses it aside and gives Ellie a book: "Babies love dictionaries." She takes off to find an encyclopedia. Ellie tells Awesome that his mom's a bit much but she wants to be part of the baby's life, which is more than she can say for her mom. Frost hears all of this and picks up the chicken dance bear they left behind.

Castle. Sarah's checking out the nightmare gas weapon as Chuck prattles on about how his mom -- the Frost he knows now -- is so different than the mom he remembers as a kid. Sarah wonders if he's trying to justify not telling Ellie, and he asks if he's transparent. She says he's not, but she knows he doesn't want to hurt Ellie. She pulls a piece off the weapon and it starts counting down. They ask Robert Englund what it's doing, and he says he has to use his fingerprint to verify the weapon's in his possession. They let him out and tell him he'll be exposed if it goes off, and they have gas masks. He heads over and touches it with his thumb, and it stops. Sarah goes into the next room to get the cuffs (and she takes the gas masks with her) when the weapon goes off. Robert Englund, evilly: "Oops." Sarah gets locked in the weapons room as the place goes into lockdown. Robert Englund tells Chuck he developed the gas by testing it on himself, so he surrendered to his insanity and isn't scared of anything. Chuck hallucinates and says he's scared of everything. He screams about scary movies as Robert Englund says he'll consider giving Chuck the antitoxin if he gets him out of here. Chuck takes him into the elevator up to the Buy More screening room. Robert Englund plans to kill Frost for double-crossing him, so Chuck locks them in the Buy More (which seems to be closed) with some other lockdown mechanism. Chuck stumbles around, hallucinating, and eventually imagines his worst fear: his mom killing Sarah.

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