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Mommy Dearest

Downstairs, Sarah pulls the lock panel off the room she's locked in (good thing Castle's so secure she can pry that off), puts on a gas mask, and takes off. She calls Casey. But he's in a parking garage with Morgan, waiting for his contact. Casey tells Morgan he's the "magnet" on this job, so he just needs to stand by the Vic and look like a spy. Back at the Buy More, Robert Englund throws Chuck into the Aisle of Terror, and Chuck flashes back to Lester saying the images in here can cause terror in even the most fearless lunatics. Robert Englund recognizes the professor's work as the images start. Then he starts to shake and asks "Is it a baby? Or a snail?" Chuck's totally puzzled at how much the old people and monkey/tiger photos are freaking him out, but he keeps going: black licorice! Man feet! Otters! Robert Englund runs out and Sarah, on her way up, knocks him out. She runs in and asks Chuck if he's okay. He tells her he's too scared to open his eyes until they get the antidote.

Casey's in hiding in the parking garage, so Morgan practices removing his sunglasses like James Bond. So he barely notices when someone puts a gun to his head. Then Casey puts a gun to the bad guy's head. Morgan realizes what "magnet" means now, and is not happy about it. He tells Casey he's not very thoughtful. The contact agrees, and Casey asks whose side he's on anyway. He lets him go, and Casey takes a look at the files. He "Hmms" and tells Morgan that Chuck's mom's story checks out. Morgan's relieved, so he sunglasses back up.

Castle. Chuck's been antidoted up, which they exposit about a little before Chuck checks his voicemail. His mom left a message: She wants to see Ellie tonight before she goes back undercover. Chuck's giddy, because he thought Ellie would never see his mom again. Sarah wants to go with him, but he tells her she appreciates the concern, but trust him: It's his mom. Chuck finds Ellie in the courtyard reading the baby dictionary, trying to get rid of Honey for a few minutes. She tells Chuck it's bad that the mother she wants to talk to is gone forever, and the mother she wishes would go away is here to answer all her questions. Chuck asks if she has plans tonight.

Casey's standing by the Vic when Sarah meets him outside. He says they couldn't meet at Castle in case Morgan was there; he doesn't want him to go running to his BFF. He says that everything about Frost's story is a lie; she's working for Volkoff. He wishes they'd grabbed her before she went off the map again. Sarah looks torn, and Casey asks what's up. Chuck and Ellie wait in a restaurant. Ellie, totally nervous, says she wants to question her mom but she also just wants to hug her. Chuck goes to look outside in case she got lost. He sees her and she walks toward him, but Chuck sees a spy on lookout. He tries to warn his mom, but a van drives up and masked spies pull her inside. He runs up and yells no, and rips a mask off someone. It's Sarah, who tells him his mom's not what she says, and that she's protecting his blind spot. Chuck goes back inside, and tells Ellie he's sorry, but Mom's not coming. Ellie asks why she keeps doing this to them, and Chuck tells her she's a spy.

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