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Mission: Barely Possible

Speaking of Burbank, Ellie has been granted a sabbatical from the hospital and she and Awesome are planning their next step. Doctors without Borders, perhaps? Awesome just can't believe she is really willing to leave Chuck, or Chuck for that matter, but since Chuck (the show and the man) is moving on, she has already contacted her agent and is ready to move to Africa. She hears the Kinshasa Theater Co is doing an awesome reinterpretation of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and she has been promised an audition. As Ellie is rambling about Chuck being long gone, Awesome sees him walk past the window. Chuck has stopped at the airport and bought flowers and chocolates for Sarah in an effort to win her back. Even Morgan thinks this is stupid, and that is really saying something. When Chuck explains that he only has a week to win her back before he has to go to Rome, Awesome and Casey silently appear next to Morgan. Since Chuck has decided that he is not going to Rome without Sarah, the three musketeers all want to help get Chuck and Sarah back together so that Casey can go work for Chuck, Morgan can see Italy and Awesome can get Ellie out of the greater LA area. Four brilliant minds working together and not one of them cares that SARAH HAS A BOYFRIEND.

Chuck dashes over to the poorly-named Castle and finds Sarah doing some NSA busywork. She doesn't bother making eye contact with Chuck, or being particularly nice to him, but does he let that stop him? NAY. Disinterest is just foreplay! Chuck tells Sarah that he is an actual and official spy now complete with badge and handgun. She shrugs, but that's just because she's playing hard to get. Chuck perseveres and points out that he wants her to be on his team! In Rome! She should be flattered! She reminds him that she is going to DC. With Shaw. This does not Chuck stop either. He loves her! He's a spy! So they can be together! Forever! And never to part! Together forever we two! You know that I would move heaven and earth to be together forever with you! Hahahahaa! I just Rick-rolled the whole recap! But Sarah thinks Chuck killed The Mole and now that Chuck is no longer a virgin, she is not really interested in him any more. The magic is gone. Chuck swears that he didn't actually go all the way, even though it looked like that, but Sarah doesn't believe him. Shaw finally comes in to put a stop to Chuck's sad begging. He congratulates Chuck on passing his test and brings out the celebratory Fudgie the Whale cake.

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