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Mission: Barely Possible

The Ring prepares to make their move, while Chuck is promising that if Sarah doesn't push him about offing The Mole, then he will never ever lie to her ever again ever. While that is all very appealing, the better action is outside, where Ring agents with tasers have surrounded Morgan and Shaw and SHAW USES MORGAN AS A HUMAN SHIELD and Morgan goes down. It was really all sorts of awesome. Speaking of Awesome, when he sees Shaw running back to the restaurant and Sarah, he springs to action. Before he arrives, though, Shaw is caught by the Ring operative. He wants to take Shaw to the director. Awesome chooses that moment to tackle Shaw, shoving them both through the glass window and totally ruining Chuck and Sarah's moment. I am a bit unclear why Awesome would feel the need to push Shaw through a window, but since getting out of Burbank is the only way to go save dehydrated babies in Darfur, I will forgive him. Strangely Shaw is only slightly grateful for the save, so I guess Awesome won't be getting an Edible Arrangement any time soon.

For their troubles (or for their cover story) Casey, Awesome, and Morgan ended up in jail. Or at least that's what they tell Ellie, who shrieks for awhile, but then it turns out she is just upset because Chuck didn't come to her with his relationship issues. Good God, can Ellie please go do a double shift at the hospital or move to a war-torn nation already? Luckily for my sanity, we cut to Shaw talking to The General about the Ring. He proposes meeting with the Director, and while he is there they will track his whereabouts and LAUNCH AN AIRSTRIKE. The General and Sarah are a wee bit shocked by this drastic measure, I mean, couldn't he just be a double agent for a while before blowing himself up to end the Ring? He stares at the General (without even looking at Sarah) and calmly states that he would gladly give up his life to catch the people who killed his wife. He doesn't blink for about five minutes, so you know he is totally serious with this shit. The General is all "Whatevs, do it!" But Sarah is a bit perturbed that her new boyfriend would blow up his junk to avenge his dead ex-wife instead of moving to, like, a nice two-bedroom condo in Bethesda with her. Shaw mentions his dead wife a few more times until Sarah gets uncomfortable and then gives up, because who can argue with the dead wife card? No one. Shaw calls the Ring and makes a coffee date. Ooh, Shaw's going to toaster-cake himself FOR AMERICA. What have you done today? Probably jack shit.

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