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Mission: Barely Possible

Chuck finds Ellie sitting in his apartment. It's a trap! Chuck starts frantically apologizing for getting everyone involved in his stupidity, but SURPRISE! Ellie doesn't think he was stupid enough. He loves Sarah and should do whatever it takes to get her back. HE'S A BARTOWSKI, DAMMIT! Chuck looks surprised, but appreciative. Back at the Castle, Sarah tries to talk Shaw out of his suicide mission, but he's a spy, dammit! Then they kiss farewell and Chuck walks in and remembers that SARAH HAS A BOYFIREND. Then Shaw swallows a tracking device the size of a beer can and Chuck realizes that he can't compete with THAT. Shaw leaves and Sarah tearfully brings Chuck up to speed on the whole "Shaw's a martyr for his nation" thing. Chuck, I like you -- I do! -- but you can't compete with that.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester got their feelings hurt when Morgan and Casey borrowed Jeff's van and didn't invite them along to stalk. Don't they know how much stalking experience Jeff has? That could have come in handy. When they spot Shaw getting into his car in the parking lot, they decide to prove their mettle to their friends. They will get their stalking merit badge yet! Chuck has finally figured out that the only way to outmaneuver a hero is to go rescue him. So he locks Sarah in the Castle and goes to save Shaw from himself. Sarah asks him why, and Chuck admits it's because he knows how much Sarah cares about Shaw. This appears to have the effect of making Sarah love Chuck more than she loves Shaw, which must be confusing for her and her therapist. Elsewhere, Jeff and Lester sit in their van watching Shaw get manhandled by the Ring operatives. The big bully guy uses his magic magnet to remove the tracker from Shaw's tummy. It looks ouchy. Now they can take him to the Director. Sarah is anxiously trying to figure out how to get out of the locked room. Luckily, they're still monitoring the Buy More, and she sees Casey. She hacks into the lighting and uses Morse code to signal to him.

Chuck has found the destroyed tracking device and isn't sure what to do next when Jeff and Lester call. For some reason he takes the call, which is an odd choice for a man with a mission, but he's glad he did when they report they've been stalking Shaw and have him in their sights. Chuck is sort of stunned and perhaps a little creeped out. He gets the coordinates from Lester and heads off. Casey finds Sarah locked in the Castle. She fills him in on the goings-on... and then kicks him out, because he's a civilian. When will that ridiculousness ever end?? Over at the abandoned warehouse, Chuck is lauding Jeff and Lester as the master stalkers, but then relieves them of their sentinel duties. The only thing in the warehouse is a Dr. Jibb soda machine. Luckily it's in the Intersect and Chuck flashes and presses the code that grants him entry to the secret underground lair. The General launches the air strike, calling Shaw a "true American hero." Note, not the Greatest American Hero, because that title has CLEARLY been taken. Inside the lair, the Director (played brilliantly, natch, by Mark Sheppard) introduces himself to Shaw. He doesn't want to kill him. He just wants to show him some footage. About his dead wife's murder. The footage shows the moment of her murder and the face of her murderer. It's Sarah. Remember last week when Sarah went on and on and had the full flashback of her Red Test? Well, Sarah's Red Test was to shoot Shaw's wife. Obviously, Shaw does not like this much at all. He lunges at the Director who turns out to be nothing more than a Wolf Blitzer-style hologram. Then he gets tasered in the neck and passes out. Luckily, Chuck is on his way. He tranquilizes one guard and then accidentally flash-grenades himself, but still manages to knock out the other guards and save Shaw. Sarah and the B2 bomber arrive at the warehouse at the same time. Bombs are dropped, the building explodes and Sarah falls to the ground in horror. But then, through the miasma of smoke and flames, Chuck comes walking tall, carrying the unconscious Shaw around his neck like that picture of Jesus the Shepherd carrying the lamb that is so popular with velvet artistes.

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