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Mission: Barely Possible

Later, Sarah gives Chuck all the credit in her report to The General, which is very team-playerish of her. The General looks forward to seeing her in Washington. But not if Chuck has anything to do with it. He tells Sarah that he loves her, and they're perfect for each other, and he wants her to go away with him. They don't need to be spies, they'll flee to Mexico and run away together. He tells her not to answer, but just meet him at Union Station at 7 o'clock. Oh, good grief. If she is going to leave with him, why don't they go now instead of waiting around until 7? And if she's not going to go with him, why make the poor guy stand around the train station awkwardly, anxiously staring at the entrance for hours on end? He kisses her, says he's always loved her, and then... goes home to pack.

Shaw wakes up in his hospital bed with a look on his face, which is totally going to stick. He snarls, pulls out his IV, ominously puts on his wedding ring, and picks up his phone. Meanwhile, Sarah is packing for somewhere when Casey stops by. He wants to tell her that Chuck didn't kill The Mole, he did. He just wanted her to know that in case it changed anything for her. Sarah almost smiles, but the music gets very jubilant, so we must assume the news was well-received. Later, Chuck is waiting, and Sarah has her bags packed. She poignantly tosses her gun on the bed to freak the crap out of housekeeping. Then the door is knocked open. It's Shaw. He claims that he has a trace on the Director, and they have to leave right then. Washington will have to wait. Sarah wants to call Chuck, but Shaw tells her there's no time. The General, however, has time to call Chuck. She explains that they found the very incriminating video of Sarah shooting Shaw's wife, and they think there is trouble afoot. Chuck wants to know where Sarah is, but all The General can say is that she is with Shaw. Cut to Sarah and Shaw making a run for the border. Shaw is not blinking again, so you know he is serious when he says he is going to settle an old score.

Has the show stretched the Chuck/Sarah storyline to the breaking point? Watch the episode here, discuss it in our forums, then check out our list of the show's Best Celebrity Spies.

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