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Desolation. Frostbite. Must be Russia.

Chuck and Morgan discuss Chuck's job possibilities on the bus (public transportation is their new thing, you know, since they don't have a Nerd Herder). Then the new Buy More comes into their view, and Morgan says there's always one place. They can't believe it's back. They head in to the shiny new Buy More, and a pretty, sourpuss girl [New Daily Show correspondent Olivia Munn, for those who know of her or care. - Zach] storms up and tells them they're not open yet, but they are accepting resum├ęs. She sends Chuck to talk to the store manager, leaving Morgan with her. She asks if she should show him around, and he says yes: "Should I hold your hand?" Sourpuss: "No, you should not." So he follows. In the manager's office, Chuck tells the manager (whose chair is turned away) that he's Chuck Bartowski and he used to work here. General Redhead's voice says, "You still do work here," and she turns around in the chair. She welcomes Chuck, whose jaw is on the floor. Commercials, including a cute on in which Chuck flashes on The Event, all, "It's... awesome."

Casey and Sarah are in the new Castle, discussing their next mission about the EMP. Sarah just wants to hang out with Chuck. Casey says that might work, since General Redhead wants him to come down and look at the EMP and see if he flashes. Sarah says he's out of the spy game, but they see him on the camera talking to General Redhead. She's showing him how the new Buy More is all spies, all the time, with secret gadgets and agents everywhere. It's like a full-blown headquarters now (which makes one wonder why Castle is necessary). He tells her he's out of the spy game, but she's not having it, since he's now the president's priority since he was so successful. She also tells him he shouldn't expect to find any other jobs. Sarah calls and tells him he doesn't have to be a spy. He totally knows, since he just turned General Redhead down. Sarah asks how that went, and Chuck falls through a trapdoor into Castle. They kiss and talk about how they never see each other because Sarah's on the never-ending mission. Casey tricks Chuck into flashing on the EMP, which he sees was manufactured at Volkoff Industries. Casey explains that Alexei Volkoff is like the Russian Howard Hughes, and they've been chasing him for months. Casey's glad to have Chuck back, but Chuck says he isn't.

Back at the Buy More, Morgan puts together that this is all CIA, and Sourpuss is a spy, too. Back at Castle, Sarah and Chuck are alone, and Sarah asks him about "the picture." Chuck: "What picture?" She shows him a shirtless picture he texted her with the words, "U LIKE?" She's like, "Chuck, do you want to sext with me?" Chuck's like, "AH! No." He blames Morgan, but Sarah says she thought it was cute. Back upstairs, Morgan hits on Sourpuss, who seems completely uninterested, but since she has a mission in Thailand in the morning, she'd be happy to hook up with him this very moment. Sarah has to go on her mission now, so she closes the EMP case, which has the same logo as the Imperial Dragons menu. Sarah says it's Volkoff's logo. She leaves, and Morgan comes down the trapdoor. He tells Chuck how much this place rules, with its slides and trapdoors and super-hot Sourpuss Nerd Herder Greta. Chuck tells Morgan they need the car back.

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