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Everyone Talks

At Castle, Sarah tells Chuck she's proud of him, because it's not easy to withstand torture. He tells her they just didn't know what to do. His weakness is having his toes tickled. Ellie was always able to extract any information from him. Cute! Sarah tells him that's good to know. She says he's had a lot of practice enduring torture with their fake relationship. He says it wasn't completely torture. She says even though it wasn't real, she's going to miss it. He starts to say that he might have made an impulsive decision, but Bond walks in and says he's leaving. He thanks Chuck for saving his life and asks him never to do it again. Sarah looks at Chuck and he realizes he should leave them alone, so he does.

Sarah tells Bond that since he knows who Chuck is, he's a threat that she has to handle. Which he says he wouldn't mind. He adds that he thinks he's proven he can be trusted by now. And I agree. Withstanding the torture did it for me. If this is another Jill, where they turn him into a bad guy, I will not be happy about it. He tells Sarah he has to go to London, but for the same amount of fuel, the two of them could fly to Fiji. She says she actually has to work, so he says he's offering to help with her interrogation skills. She asks if these lines actually work, and he says often. But then he changes his approach and tells her he needs a vacation and thinks she does too. He can offer her a lot of wild passion and some fun, and tells her she's breathtakingly beautiful. Chuck turns the Castle Cam on upstairs to hear Bond say that Sarah's spent so much of her time worrying about someone else that she's forgotten herself. She says she has work to do, but he stops her and pulls her close. They kiss as Chuck looks on. I love Chuck and everything, but that was some kiss. And some Bond. I can't blame Sarah, as the fake relationship has had to be frustrating for her.

In the Buy More, Morgan tells Chuck that Ellie and Awesome seeing him naked was a blessing in disguise. Chuck says it wasn't for Ellie. Morgan's realized he needs a place where he can sleep naked and where his mother is not constantly being violated by his boss. He's 27 and still lives in the same room, with the same Tron poster he's had since he was 12. Chuck looks thoughtful, because he also has a Tron poster, remember? But come on! Neither of these guys would leave the Tron poster behind if they left their rooms. Not a good example of what they need to do to grow up, but it was obviously so that we could see why Chuck does what he does next: asks Morgan to move in together, saying it's time they moved on with their lives. Morgan says he's been waiting so long to hear him say those words, and he jumps up on Chuck with his legs around him. Big Mike comes out and asks Chuck why he has a machine full of harassment messages. Chuck says he has a couple ideas and Big Mike orders him to his office. Lester wonders if Chuck will talk, and Jeff replies, "Everyone talks."

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