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Bond's making his getaway in a fancy black car when a cop pulls up next to him and shoots the driver. Bond looks panicked, and then we quickly flash to L.A. skyline scenes.

Chuck and Morgan come in to tell Ellie and Awesome the news. Ellie won't come into the room with Morgan there until she hears confirmation that he's clothed. She comes in and says sorry, but it's still a little fresh. Morgan promises it will wear off. Chuck tells them that his news is he's moving out. They're both happy, but especially Ellie, who's all, "Yes!" Chuck adds, "And moving in with Morgan. Ellie's face falls, and she screams, "No!" and actually starts to cry. Morgan's all, "oh yeah," and speaks of the video games and nudity that will ensue. Sarah knocks and asks if she can borrow Chuck for a minute. Chuck goes outside with her, and Morgan calls her a third wheel. Hee.

Outside, Sarah explains that Bond's been captured, probably by Fulcrum. Chuck says that's terrible. Sarah reminds him that Bond knows he's the Intersect and says they have to go into 24-hour protective detail until further notice. He asks what that means and she says they can't break up and they have to move in together. They look over and see Ellie, Awesome, and Morgan all watching them from the window. She says they'd better sell it, and gives him a peck on the cheek and a hug. That's selling it?! Give me a break. Chuck asks her if she's sure, saying that Bond's a really tough guy, so maybe he won't talk. Sarah: "Chuck. Everyone talks." Chuck furrows his brow, then sees everyone watching, so he fake smiles and gives a thumbs-up.

Next week: Bond's back, and Sarah's totally interested despite saying she'd never get involved with another spy. We see her saying that when you meet someone you care about, it's hard to walk away. We're supposed to think that's about Bond, but I think it's about Chuck. Then the announcer tells us that Chuck will do something he's never done to compete, and it shows him with a gun, all smiles, flashing a thumbs-up at Casey, who looks panic-stricken, if that's even possible for him. He whispers to Sarah that "Bartowski's got a gun." I actually like Bond, so I'm happy he'll be back next week. Although I will try not to get attached, since we know he won't stick around long.

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