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In Castle, Agent Redhead tells them they've found the prints of a Fulcrum agent named Cole Barker on the body bag. But we'll just call him Bond. James Bond. Because that's totally who he is. Even the images Agent Redhead shows our crew are of him in a pool, drinking a cocktail, and lounging around with pretty ladies. Casey agrees he's a ladies' man. Agent Redhead says he'll be at a hotel, where they think he will hand off whatever he found on Andy Richter to other Fulcrum agents. She says Sarah will be charged with retrieving the stolen item by any means necessary. Chuck does not love this idea. Agent Redhead signs off, and Chuck asks to zoom in on Bond's "groinal area." Casey wonders if there's something he likes down there, but Chuck flashes on his belt, where the intelligence is located. Casey says it's a good thing Chuck dumped Sarah, so that she can get Bond's pants off guilt-free.

Big Mike is treating Morgan like his son at the Buy More, even calling him "son." He wants Morgan to interview people for an open green shirt position at the Buy More today so that he can go attend to Morgan's mom. She has a lot of things that have been neglected since she hasn't had a man in a while. It's obvious what he's talking about, but Jeff asks what, giving Big Mike the opportunity to gross us all out with talk of plumbing and laying pipe. Big Mike leaves and Jeff tells Lester he'd like to hire a hot green shirt. They ask Morgan if they can help him out with it, and he lets them take over the hiring duties. Lester tells Jeff he's thinking "casting couch," which he explains is bringing women in under the guise of promising fame and fortune. They are advertising it as a high-paying modeling job at Burbank's finest electronics store. Jeff thinks Lester's a genius.

Casey's bartending at a fancy hotel bar, with Chuck and Sarah playing customers. Casey tells them Beefcake just walked in. Chuck is supposed to look around for Bond's contact, and Casey tells Sarah to get to work on getting Bond up to his room and getting his pants off. Chuck thinks throwing a sack over the guy's head would be quicker, but Casey says they can't risk his contacts seeing them. He asks if Chuck is afraid of a little competition. The answer to that would be yes, obviously.

Ellie and Awesome arrive home, all sweaty after working out, to find Morgan in their kitchen. He explains that his mom is "romantically involved" with his boss -- Awesome's awesome reply: "Big Mike's boning Bolonia?" -- so Morgan will be staying with them. They're not sure, but he tells them he'll earn his keep. He's already drawn a nice, hot bubble bath for them and just made martinis. He pours them as he says they're "dry, with olives." How very Bond this episode is getting. Morgan sends them off to the tub, saying the roast will be out of the oven soon. I would let Morgan come and live with me if he made life that good. Ellie and Awesome also appear to be won over.

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