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Back at the bar, Chuck insists he's not jealous; he just isn't sure it's safe for Sarah. She tells him not to worry; she has protection. She opens her purse to reveal a gun. And she also says that they have a safe word: If she orders Cristal champagne, Casey knows she's in trouble. Casey says she'll be fine; it's not like it's her first time. She gets up and heads over to Bond. She asks if he wants company. He doesn't. She says she doesn't either, but if she sits alone every guy in here will try to take a shot at a total stranger. He asks if that isn't what she's doing now, and she admits it is. He tells her he's not a nice guy, which she says is fine since she doesn't like nice guys. Chuck, listening in, looks sad. Bond asks her why, and she elaborates that a woman doesn't want someone talking about his feelings and emotions; she wants someone who acts. Bond wants to take it to his room, where he promises nothing nice will happen. Casey's pleased with Sarah's quick work, but Chuck's sort of heartbroken. I'm going to guess he won't take any of this as a lesson to actually, you know, act more and stress about his girly feelings less. I mean, seriously, Chuck: Shut up and kiss her, already.

Ellie and Awesome love Morgan's dinner. Morgan creepily tells them how much food is a seductress. He scored Anna by serving himself รก la mode. Ew. And, also, Morgan, why are you trying to seduce Ellie and Awesome? He wishes Chuck was there (so he could seduce him, too?), but he thinks Chuck's probably enjoying his own delicious meal right now, meaning Sarah. Awesome says, yeah, if he hasn't broken up with her yet. Morgan asks why on earth he would do that, and Ellie tells him that Chuck says Sarah's not the one. Morgan says he knows nothing better than Chuck, and Sarah is so the one. Ellie worries she shouldn't have told him to break up, but Awesome thinks they're safe since it should take him awhile to get around to it, considering he said he'd move out of their place years ago. Not that Awesome's bitter or anything.

But Chuck, already broken up, is listening to Bond bring Sarah into room 1121. It's a fancy suite with a view, a Jacuzzi tub, and a giant bed. Casey thinks Chuck might want to stop listening, but Chuck says he's fine -- just thinking about when he gets home and can listen to Charlie Rose -- and will keep listening in case he flashes on something. Did anyone know that he could flash through hearing? Have we seen that happen? Anyway, Chuck does flash right then, on two guys getting into the elevator. He tells Casey they're Fulcrum, so Casey gets into the elevator, too. A woman with a baby stroller gets in after Casey.

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