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Chuck's listening to the hot action happening in room 1121, but we get to see it. They kiss and roll around the suite, Sarah in pursuit of her purse/gun, him trying to keep it away from her. She takes his belt off, but he uses it to tie her arms together instead of letting her steal it and run off. Chuck has had enough, so he removes his earpiece, and orders a stiff drink. When the elevator door opens, Casey points a gun at one of the Fulcrum guys and tells the lady to take her baby off the elevator. We see it's just a doll in the stroller, as she gets off and then turns and hits Casey as he exits the elevator. She tells the guys to "Kill him!" Sarah's still all tied up and sensing things aren't right with Bond. She thinks it's getting a little rough. She asks him for some Cristal champagne. But Chuck's too busy drinking with his earpiece out and Casey's too busy trying not to get killed to hear, let alone go help Sarah.

Chuck's working on another pretty drink in a martini glass as Casey's dodging bullets and shooting some of his own. A bellman comes to the bar and orders a bottle of Cristal for suite 1121. Chuck calls Casey and tells him, but Casey says he has his own problems. He tells Chuck not to be a hero, but we all know Chuck will try to be. Casey's still in a gunfight. Sarah goes for her purse again, but Bond beats her to it and pulls her gun out. He points it at her, and she says it's getting a little too real for her. He asks who she works for right as Chuck knocks and asks if someone ordered champagne. They ignore him, and start fighting for the gun inside. Chuck hears them and tries to break the door down. It's awesome because, in typical Chuck fashion, it doesn't work. That's why I love this show: On 99 shows out of 100, the hero would knock the door down with one try, but Chuck hits it with all his might and then rubs his shoulder in pain. He looks around for something to hit it with, but then just kicks it in. Which is also awesome: He can get the job done, usually -- just a little slower and with more complaining. When he gets inside, Sarah, in her bra and underwear, has Bond down on the ground, with the gun pointed at him. Chuck asks him to put clothes on because it's a little chilly in here.

Chuck calls Casey and says he has the belt and Bond, and they're headed for their car. They're coming onto the roof for some reason. Bond tells them they are making a big mistake, underestimating the people they're dealing with. Sarah and Chuck don't listen, of course, but it's not surprise when a big ol' helicopter flies up and starts shooting at them. They duck behind a car, but Sarah jumps out to draw fire away from Chuck. Once she's not hiding with them, Bond tells Chuck he's not Fulcrum, but undercover MI6. He tells Chuck to do something or Sarah's dead already. Chuck decides to believe him and lets him go. He runs out and does Bond moves all over the place, then points the guns at what looks like Sarah. Chuck screams, but Bond tells her to get down. He's aiming a big gas tank behind her. He shoots it a bunch and it bursts, blowing up the helicopter. He holds out his hand to Sarah, who looks tempted and sort of smitten. Will she? Won't she? We'll never know, because Casey comes up behind Bond and hits him in the head with his gun, knocking him out.

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