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Back at Castle, Agent Redhead is apologizing to Bond, but they had no idea he was MI6. He tells them they destroyed his 18 months of undercover work, but Chuck says they recovered the chip so it wasn't a complete loss. Bond says the information on the chip (which was hidden inside the belt buckle) is useless without the playback device. Apparently it's very techy and encoded heavily, and so the important information would be impossible to read without Fulcrum's playback device. Agent Redhead tells Bond he'll be staying locked down in Castle tonight, with Sarah. He says he can think of worse things, but she says she can't. Chuck tells Bond he can stay at his place if he wants. His friend Morgan's on the couch, but he wouldn't mind. "He has a beard. Like yours." It's cute, nervous, babbling Chuck. One of my favorite Chucks, actually. I like him much more than the whiny Chuck of most of this episode.

Speaking of Morgan, he wakes up on the couch and stands up, dropping his blanket. It's clear he's naked even though the pertinent areas are hidden behind a flower arrangement as he stretches. He walks to the kitchen. Then we see Ellie in the hall, looking at Chuck's empty bed. Awesome comes up and asks her why she's awake. She's worried about Chuck, and afraid she shouldn't have pushed him to break up with Sarah. Awesome says that Chuck not being home is a good sign, but he'll make Ellie some tea to help her sleep. They head to the kitchen. We get the fridge-cam view as Morgan digs for food. Ellie and Awesome walk in right as Morgan turns around with a bowl of fruit. He uses it to cover his own fruit, but it's too late: Ellie and Awesome both freak. Morgan just tells them, "Evening." But Awesome points out his "low-hanging fruit" and Ellie says she's going to kill Chuck. Morgan tries to say it's not a big deal, but Ellie and Awesome are already gone.

Chuck's still at Castle, where Bond is pushing two single cot-style beds together to make one. Chuck asks Sarah if she's sure she's okay alone with this guy, because he doesn't mind staying. She tells him to go home and get some sleep. Bond catches Chuck alone on his way out, and asks what the deal is between Chuck and Sarah. Chuck says it's purely professional and asks why. Bond: "Uh, 'cause she's hot." Then he tells Chuck that since they're not a couple, he's going to try to "butter that muffin." Chuck's really wishing he hadn't broken up now, isn't he?

Chuck gets up the next morning and asks Ellie and Awesome where the missing houseguest is. Ellie just rolls her eyes, exasperated, but Awesome explains that Chuck's boy "dropped trou" last night. Chuck: "I'm sorry?" Awesome says that Morgan sleeps naked, which he respects, but not on his couch. Chuck loses his appetite and apologizes. Ellie would like to just forget about it. She asks Chuck if he talked to Sarah. He says he did, and they decided just to be friends. Ellie's disappointed, and Chuck's confused. She says she did tell him to break up, but that doing that will make it hard to get her back. Awesome says a girl like her won't be on the market for long, and asks Chuck what he was thinking.

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