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At Castle, Sarah's looking up Bond on the computer, and finding all sorts of things about distinguished service. All good. He walks up, all wet and freshly showered, in a towel, asking why she didn't come to bed last night. She says she didn't feel like sleeping, but he wasn't talking about sleeping. She tells him she's not interested, and he says he's not either but he feels her seduction skills need work so he's offering his services. She reminds him he seemed reluctant in his hotel suite last night (actually, he didn't seem reluctant at all; sure it turned violent, but before that it was all hot and heavy kisses and undressing). He says he didn't want to blow the cover.

Chuck enters the Orange Orange and when he sees no one there, he hits some buttons on the register and gets the Castle Cam. Bond's telling Sarah that it's a shame she's out of practice, locked up in Castle. It's like keeping a Botticelli in the basement: No one can appreciate the beauty. She tells him to get dressed and he says, "As you wish." He drops his towel, leaving it next to her. She looks over slightly. Upstairs, Casey's behind Chuck now and says, "Hmmm. Impressive." Then he heads toward Castle and hollers for Chuck to follow.

Jeff and Lester are seeing a string of hot girls at the Buy More. The girl they're currently "interviewing" asks about the salary, which her agent said was between four and seven figures (that's quite a range; is the salary $4,000 or $4,000,000?), but Lester says they're not at liberty to discuss figures. I should point out he's wearing a creepy light-colored plaid jacket with a brown tie and Jeff is wearing ... a robe. And nothing else. He uncrosses and recrosses his legs. The girl asks if he's not wearing any underwear, and Jeff says, "I don't know. Am I?" We get a montage of such interview tactics. They snap Polaroids. When asked if they're the owners, Lester tells the truth: "Our acquaintance's mother's sleeping with the store manager." Jeff asks for someone's security access code. The girl who asked about the four to seven figures asks why they are hiring a swimsuit model if they need a sales associate. Lester tells her he nearly has a degree in business from the El Segundo School of Finance so some of these concepts might be over her head. She counters that he has a business degree from Harvard (yet she would go to an interview for a job that could pay anywhere from $1,000 to $9,999,999?). A girl threatens to call her boyfriend. Another threatens to call the police. They tell another girl that Chuck's in charge.

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