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Casey wonders how they'll get the playback device, since they can't get into the chip otherwise. Chuck thinks he can hack it, since he's done that a time or two. Bond says this is more complicated than stealing video games. Casey tells Chuck to leave it to the pros. Chuck says he is a pro. His job is a certified computer and electronics technician. Bond thinks that's a great cover, but Casey says it's actually Chuck's life. Bond suggests arranging a meet with his contact, since his cover might still be intact. Sarah says that's too dangerous. Bond thinks her concern is sweet, but she says it's not him she's worried about, but the intelligence on the chip falling into Fulcrum hands. He offers to go without it: "Worst case scenario, we get the opportunity to smoke out a few Fulcrum agents." Casey: "Worst case scenario, they catch you and kill you." Bond is going to go ahead and take that chance. Sarah looks all impressed. Chuck asks Sarah for a chance with the chip, but she tells him to just go back to the Buy More and walks off to help Bond prepare, leaving the chip in front of Chuck. He picks it up and eyes it thoughtfully.

At the Buy More, Morgan begs Chuck to get Ellie and Awesome to let him come back. He even promises pajama bottoms. Chuck tells him he's in the middle of something right now. Then the "Harvard" grad comes up and asks if Chuck is Chuck. He says he is, so she slaps him and says he'll hear from her lawyer. Then she slaps Morgan, too, for good measure. Chuck and Morgan see Jeff and Lester duck back into Big Mike's office. Morgan says they must have taken some liberties hiring the new green shirt. Chuck is sure they did.

Bond is outside in a busy plaza looking for his contact while Casey and Sarah hang back, watching. Casey can't spot Fulcrum because everyone looks the same. It's all businessmen in suits with briefcases. Then someone gets out of a car and Bond tells Sarah and Casey they're on. The guy walks up and asks Bond for the chip. Bond asks him for the playback device. At the Buy More, Chuck gives himself a pep talk as he hooks the chip up to a bunch of cords. The lady with the fake baby from the elevator is in a car at the meet scene, when the guy next to her tells her that someone in Burbank just tripped the homing device on the chip, so Bond clearly doesn't have it. She tells someone to kill him. Sarah sees someone pull a gun, but Casey tells her to hold her position since they're not authorized to be here. She goes in anyway, and she and Bond end up captured. Casey watches, and hears someone say they almost fooled them until someone tried to access the real chip. Casey grumbles, "Bartowski..."

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