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Everyone Talks

In the warehouse, Bond's being tortured. The Taskmaster tells him to just say who the Intersect is and the pain can stop. Chuck starts screaming to Sarah that he needs to do something, but she tells him not to say anything. Chuck asks the Taskmaster to please stop, since it's clear he'll never talk. She says "Everybody talks," and that Bond knows that. She asks if he's ready to talk and she grabs a blow torch and turns it on. Chuck yells that he knows what's on the chip, because he watched it. He tells her it's him. She comes over and says, "All along, it was you." But Bond asks her if she really thinks that the CIA would put its secrets inside of a pathetic weakling like Chuck. He could never keep secrets or withstand torture. Sarah agrees. Bond says he's the Intersect, and Sarah looks at him like she's in love. Chuck: "No. He's. Not. It's me. And I resent the fact that I couldn't stand up to torture. Do your worst." He says she can stick an incredibly long needle in his eye and he still won't tell. She brings the needle over and brings it toward his eye. He passes out. She tells someone to wake him.

Casey's at Castle telling Agent Redhead that he needs NASA satellite surveillance. She asks what's going on, and he tells her that Fulcrum's captured the asset, and is probably being tortured. Agent Redhead: "Dear God. He'll never last."

We return to Chuck getting water thrown on him. He screams that it's so cold. Even though it's clear Chuck can't withstand torture, the Taskmaster changes tactics, telling Chuck if he doesn't tell her who it is by the count of three, she'll inject Sarah with enough ricin to kill an Army. She holds up the same big needle, but now with fluid in it. She starts counting: "1, 2..." Both Chuck and Bond yell, "It's me!" But Casey and a bunch of police, or SWAT, types come in. Casey chases the Taskmaster. He points a gun at her and tells her now he gets to find out what she knows about Fulcrum. She says he doesn't, and he says, "Trust me: Everyone talks." She says she knows and injects the ricin into her own neck. And then she makes the dying look less than fun. Then she looks completely ugly as she says, "Fulcrum wins."

Everyone's getting all fixed up by medical types. Chuck is holding the back of his head when Casey asks what happened. Chuck says he fainted and hit his head on the ground. Casey sarcastically says that was real brave. Chuck says he fainted on purpose; that was his move: "You know I'm terrified of needles." Casey's watching Sarah, who is at Bond's side as he gets all patched up. He says, "So your method was to faint and his was to endure torture?" Chuck says they have different methods, and Casey says it looks like Bond's is working. He puts his arm around Sarah and she helps him walk out, as Chuck looks on sadly.

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