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Sarah enters the garage where the container is and tells Casey that it's empty; the car has already been dispatched. He doesn't respond, but Smooth Lau comes up behind her and knocks her down. She can't believe a girl as hot as Sarah is a cop and says it's a shame she has to mess up that face. Chuck sees the Rolls pulling out, and stops in the Nerd Herd to tell the ambassador there's a bomb in the car. The ambassador thinks Chuck telling him this is a Triad trap (uh, how, exactly?) and tells his driver to keep going. Sarah and Smooth continue to fight in and around a car in the garage. It's brutal, with broken CDs used for cutting, faces hit on steering wheels and more. It's not pretty. Chuck turns around to follow the Rolls, and Casey jumps on the roof of the Nerd Herder car. Girls fight. Chuck drives. Casey hangs on. Chuck won't let Casey in the car because he knows Casey won't let him save Morgan. Girls fight, using seat belts to choke each other. Casey promises he'll let him save Morgan if he lets him in, so Chuck rolls the window down. Girls fight, using reclining seats. Casey opens the glove compartment and pulls out a gadget that drives the car. Chuck can't believe there's a remote control for this thing. Girl fight ends with Sarah slamming Smooth's head into the steering wheel so hard the airbag comes out. She sees a fancy blue car and drives it out of the garage.

Chuck and Casey continue their pursuit of the Rolls. An ice truck ends up blocking them all off, and two guys jump out with guns pointed. Casey pulls out his badge and explains who he is. Chuck runs to the front of the car and unscrews the hood ornament bomb. It has 54 seconds left on the timer. The guys don't trust Casey and make him put his hands on his head and get on the ground. Chuck takes the bomb and runs to the Nerd Herd car and throws the bomb in, right as Casey's forced to turn his head the other way. It's weird these guys let Chuck do all of this but wouldn't let Casey do anything, even though he's the one with the badge. The Nerd Herd car drives away, presumably with Chuck inside. If only there were a remote control for that car. Hmmm.

Sarah drives up, says, "CIA. Let him go," and the men oblige. What do they have against the NSA? Or was it just Casey? She asks where Chuck is, and Casey says the heroic imbecile took off with the bomb. He says, "Get out of there, Bartowski," and Sarah worries. The view of the car gets blocked by a bus or street car, so maybe he could stop it and get out. Sarah worries. And the car explodes. Sarah starts actually crying, and Casey actually looks slightly less stone-faced than usual. Chuck comes up behind them and says, "That was pretty sweet, huh?" Sarah turns and sees him. He sees she's crying and asks, "What?" He says he was just using the remote, which Casey takes from him before he finishes his explanation. Chuck apologizes, then asks for their help getting something out of the trunk. He opens it to find a still-sleeping Morgan. He won't remember a moment of it.

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