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Sarah looks at Chuck and hesitates a little, but then apologizes for not being more sensitive about Morgan. She says it's just that doesn't have anyone in her life like that, who cares about her. He says, "Yeah you do." And they share an adorable look. Morgan's walking into the backroom, where Anna's getting stuff out of her locker. He tells her he should have said this to her a long time ago. And she's starting to look giddy and excited. He goes on: "Anna Wu, I lo... I like you very, very much." They start kissing as the actual Toto starts to sing. We go back to Jeffster!, who are doing a fine job lip-synching, but it's all Toto now. Morgan and Anna join Chuck and Sarah in the crowd, and Chuck smiles big at his best friend. Morgan tells him to look at them, both with their girlfriends. It's as good as it gets. Chuck looks sadly at Sarah, and they both look at their hands, which are intertwined. But, you know, for their cover. It's obviously very sad, but mostly just annoying at this point.

On watching this a second time, I had a lot more nitpicks, but I really think the friendship stuff came across even stronger, what with Chuck and Morgan, Chuck and Sarah, Jeffster, Agent Redhead and Condoleezza, Ellie and Awesome, Anna and Sarah, even Casey's Semper Fi. Very cool how the theme really carried through the whole episode. This show works so much better when everything is about one thing instead of having these two completely separate plots, with the Buy More crew doing one thing, while Chuck, Casey, and Sarah do something else.

Anyway, next week: Chuck gets tortured (or at least threatened with torture). Can he handle it? The Sports Illustrated swimsuit models will be in the episode, too, so announcer guy promises an "interesting night." I don't really like that "interesting" is the best the promotional folks could come up with, but I'm always in when it comes to this show.

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