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Love Stories

We hear Chuck saying, "I can't do this!" But then we're in the Spy Lair, where he continues, asking Sarah and Casey how Agent Redhead can ask him to betray Morgan by befriending his ex's new boyfriend. He wonders if Agent Redhead was born with stars on her shoulders, or if she's ever actually had a friend. Sarah understands it might be difficult for Chuck with regard to Morgan, but Chuck interrupts that it's not difficult; it's not happening. He says that Morgan's been his best friend since kindergarten. Sarah says she's sorry, but it's not optional. Chuck wonders why no one gets that he can't betray his best friend. Casey snorts, "Semper Fidelis" and explains that it means "Always faithful." He says it means putting your friends' well-being above your own. He salutes Chuck. Chuck agrees, saying it's pretty sad when Casey's the only one who understands him. He wants to go tell Agent Redhead. But Casey says orders come before honors here, so Chuck has to go befriend Jason Wang.

Jeff is compulsively dinging a service bell, for some inexplicable reason, as Chuck's on the phone with possible wedding bands. He eliminates the band he's currently talking to when the person on the other end sites their Uncle Max's klezmer band as their greatest influence. When he hangs up, he explains to Jeff and Lester that he's helping Ellie and Awesome find a band for their wedding. They tell him that this is his lucky day since they have a band (this is news to Chuck) named Jeffster! (They were originally going to go with "Jester," but didn't want people to take them for fools.) They tell Chuck they'll play Ellie and Awesome's wedding.

Morgan is elsewhere in the Buy More grilling Anna on what she did last night. She is actually helping a customer, and tries to tell Morgan that, but he just keeps asking where she went and who she might have gone with. Back at the Nerd Herd counter, Chuck tells Jeffster that his sister's musical tastes run more classical, but they point out he hasn't heard Jeffster yet. They call him a musical bigot. Chuck sees Casey gesturing at him, so he tells Jeffster it's a flat-out no and walks off. Morgan managed to get Anna away from her customer, and she tells him she's seeing someone. He acts like a petty baby, talking about how it might not even be a man because we all know about her very colorful past. She tells him to grow up. Before he can say anything else stupid, Chuck comes up and basically asks him to go away. Morgan tells Anna he hopes she and her new boyfriend are very unhappy together. When he leaves, Chuck apologizes for him, but Anna says that's all Chuck's ever done and that Morgan's never going to grow up. Chuck tells her there's a million reasons to love him, but maturity isn't on that list. Casey gestures at Chuck again, so he moves on to mentioning Anna's new boyfriend. She says that at least an evening out with him doesn't involve riding his handlebars through a Taco Bell drive-through. Chuck understands, since he's been riding those handlebars for years. Have we seen that? Because I would like to, please, show. She laughs and walks off, but he manages to ask her on a double date. She's so excited and invites him to a show tonight at Jason's show room, where the only thing more expensive than the champagne will be the cars. He tells her can't wait to meet her new boyfriend. Then he turns and whispers to Casey that he hates him.

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