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Later, at Casey's, Chuck's brooding that he has to do this to Morgan. Sarah explains the mission: She and Chuck will enter as their cover couple. Casey continues that they'll see if the skin-covered robot flashes on anything. Chuck thinks that's real nice. They ignore him and Casey says they'll try to figure out Jason's connection to Triad. Sarah says she'll try to plant "this GLG-20." Casey will be in the van, monitoring everything. Chuck suggests that since they're betraying Morgan, they also should have a second mission to show Anna what she's missing. Casey says there's only one mission here and calls Chuck a moron. Chuck tells Casey that sticks and stones may break his bones, but Casey threateningly asks if he'd like to test that theory. He says not particularly and acts like he's not afraid, but when Casey moves his club or whatever he's carrying toward Chuck, Chuck totally flinches.

Benji Hughes' "Why Do These Parties Always End The Same Way?" starts playing as we're at the car auction. Chuck asks Anna what this is all about, and she says it's a car preview for an auction tomorrow. Sarah tells Anna that these cars cost more than a house, and her boyfriend must be very successful. Chuck says that success shouldn't be measured that way, but in a person's ability to love, and if that's the case, Morgan's "stinkin' rich." He asks Sarah if she would agree, and she tells Anna she does miss them together. Anna seems surprised. Sarah says she'll always think of Anna and Morgan as the perfect couple. It's cute she's helping Chuck with his mission, because I know she has to be lying about the "perfect couple" thing. Casey, from his own spy van (or SUV) tells them to cut the infomercial on the bearded loser, since Wang just walked in. Chuck rubs his ear, apparently where the earpiece he's hearing Casey through is. Anna says, "That's so strange." Chuck's all, "What?! That I was touching my ear?" Then he blames it on eczema, and says that's totally normal and not strange. Oh, Chuck, haven't you been doing this long enough to know better than to be that obvious? But what she thinks is strange is that Sarah thought of she and Morgan, since Anna didn't think Sarah had ever thought of her at all. Sarah tells her she's always thought of her as a friend. Jason walks up and Anna introduces them as her friends. He says, "Any friend of Anna's," but doesn't finish his thought, so it isn't all that meaningful of a sentiment, now, is it? Chuck tells Jason he feels like he knows him already. We get binocular vision of Jason, and then we are outside with Morgan, who's spying. He sees Chuck, and can't believe it. He calls him "Judas." Poor Morgan. And Chuck.

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