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Ellie calls the Buy More to get Chuck to help her with a computer, but he's not around. They think he's out on an install or something. Lester starts to hang up, but Jeff grabs the phone and says they'll be right over to fix it. As they hang up, Ellie tells Awesome it finally pays to have a brother in mediocre places. Jeff tells Lester he almost blew their chance to go over there and audition. Lester's puzzled, so Jeff starts in: "If you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted -- one moment. Would you capture it? Or just let it slip?" It might just be that I'm obsessed with Eminem, but that was sort of perfect, wasn't it? Lester says "Jeffster lives, man!" But when Jeff walks away Lester looks nervous.

At the car auction, a group of Asians who look straight out of Big Trouble in Little China walk in, and Chuck flashes on them. Which, with how they are dressed so conspicuously, I could have done. And I'm not Intersect. Chuck tells Sarah he just flashed. The lady leader is Smooth Lau, and they're all Triad. Sarah wants to follow them, but Anna ropes her into a conversation. She tells Chuck to go without her, but whispers for him to wait for her. She slips him the GLG-20, and sweetly humors Anna.

At Ellie and Awesome's, Lester's finished fixing their computer and Jeff's set up his band equipment. Ellie wonders what Jeff's doing, and he explains he's setting up to rock her hard. She's all, "Rock who hard?" And he tells her that they're auditioning to play the biggest gig of her life: her wedding day. She asks Awesome if he really set them up to audition, and he says Chuck must have. She asks if he outsourced his to-do list, and he just says that he knows how much Chuck loves music and thought it would be fun for him. Ellie tells Jeffster they have a lot to do. Jeff wants to start the audition, but Lester's too nervous. Even Jeff's inspirational speech doesn't help, because Lester says Jeffster's success will lead to a break-up and a lot of other ugliness. When Lester storms out, Jeff tells Ellie and Awesome he's a tortured artist.

At the car auction, Chuck completely disobeys and follows the Triad baddies into a garage, where they're meeting with Jason Wang. Jason wants to know what's in the container that he's giving them the keys to, but Smooth Lau tells him to mind his business, since he'll get paid either way. Chuck looks through these tiny binoculars and tries to flash on something, but doesn't. Jason tells them this is risky, and he's out after this shipment. Chuck sticks the GLG-20 to the metal leg of one of those great big red toolboxes. As Triad goes for a crow bar to open their jammed container, Chuck backs into a power cord, setting off a dominoes-style series of events. First, the cord comes unplugged, knocking a can of ... something onto the floor, where it rolls ever so slowly across the garage. Triad hears something, and Casey realizes what's happened and after a quick, "Dammit, Bartowski!" he gets out of his SUV to try to save the day. The can eventually rolls into a broom, which is knocked over, the handle hitting a rag that has some sort of metal nut on it. It falls onto the ground and bounces over to the Triad guys.

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