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Back in the party portion of the auction, Anna's talking about how good Jason is for being nothing like Morgan. Sarah says that's not good, since Morgan's the guy she keeps comparing Jason to. Anna realizes Sarah is totally right, and asks if this means she still loves Morgan. Sarah hears a radio say, "Attention security: We found an intruder on the premises." She says, "Chuck," who we see hiding behind a car as the Triad guys are looking for where the noise came from. But they also get the same call about the intruder. They're holding him in the parking lot. When Sarah and Casey arrive in the garage and see Chuck alone and that the Triad folks left, they wonder who the intruder is in the parking lot. Chuck quickly realizes it's Morgan and wants to help him. We see the guys pulling Morgan and his bicycle away, as he says he can explain. Sarah and Casey can't help because if they pull out weapons, they blow their covers. Chuck says if they're not going to save him, he will, and he takes off for the parking lot.

Smooth Lau is interrogating Morgan, asking who he is. He says he's nobody, but then he says his name is Marlamin Stoneheart and he's a 60th level gnome warrior. She wants the truth, so he admits he's only 59th level. Chuck arrives and says Morgan's not a spy. Smooth asks who Chuck is, but Anna walks up then and says, "Morgan?" Jason, who's with her, scoffs, "This is your ex from the Buy More?" Smooth threatens Morgan if he doesn't tell her who he is. Chuck tells her not to do anything, because he knows why Morgan's here. Morgan tries to stop him, but Chuck says that Morgan's not a spy, but a stalker. He says it's a thin but very key difference. Then he says that he can see why Anna dumped Morgan, because he's an obsessed, but totally unthreatening sicko. Then he adds, "Grow up, Morgan Grimes." Man, did he really have to be that mean to sell it? Triad lets him go, even calling him "Sicko." They are okay with organized crime, but not a little innocent stalking, apparently. Everyone leaves and Sarah tells Chuck he saved Morgan, but Chuck's sad that it came at the expense of Morgan's dignity. Back in the garage, one of the Triad guys immediately finds the GLG-20, and shows it to Smooth. She guesses the freak wasn't just a stalker after all and says, "Kill him."

In the backroom at the Buy More, Morgan struggles to move a home theater box himself. Chuck offers to help him, but Morgan says he has to learn to do things on his own from now on. He manages it in a totally unsafe way that I'm sure isn't how the Buy More wants him to move heavy boxes. Morgan tells Chuck to enjoy the memories of their friendship and leaves the backroom. Chuck tries to follow, but is stopped by the creepy half of Jeffster. He wants to know what Morgan and Ellie thought of Jeffster. He acknowledges they didn't really get to play out, but if Chuck could put in a good word. Chuck says he doesn't understand anything Jeff just said, but he doesn't care. He tells him to figure out his own crap. Finally!

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