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In the Spy Lair, Sarah asks Chuck to do some paperwork. Seriously. He asks her why she didn't step in on Morgan's behalf and on behalf of their friendship. He tells her she doesn't get who Morgan is to him, but she says she does: "He's your best friend." He tells her she doesn't have a clue what that means, and explains. He doesn't have parents, not really. He doesn't talk about it because they want it to be a mystery to us. He says it wasn't always this way, and that Morgan was there the day that Chuck's mom took off. He didn't say much, because what is a fifth-grader supposed to say, but they sat there and split a cherry cheesecake and played "Legend of Zelda" all night long. Awwww. Cute. Flash back to that. He goes on that his dad is a whole other story, but Morgan was there for that too. He tells her that Morgan is more than his best friend; he's family. The next part is really beautiful and cutting, but says that Chuck knows exactly how this whole thing is going to sadly play out in the end: "Before you got here, and long after you've gone, Morgan is my family." Sarah tells Chuck that they failed to learn the contents of the Triad container last night. Wait. They were right there; couldn't they have brought someone -- anyone -- in to intercept it? She says she appreciates his friendship with Morgan, but since they don't know what was in the container, losing sight of that endangers many people's best friends. (I would add: and families.)

Jeff knocks at Ellie and Awesome's. A sweaty Awesome answers and says it's not a good time. He shuts the door, but Jeff sticks his hand out and stops it. Awesome tells him you're supposed to stop a door with your foot. Only Jeff would not intuitively know this. Jeff asks: "Have you ever had a dream that never came true?" Awesome thinks for a minute and then says "No." Of course. Jeff asks if he's ever had a best friend with a dream that's never come true. He doesn't wait for an answer, though. He says that Lester was too scared to sing yesterday, but "he has a voice that makes angels cry" (in which way?) and asks for another chance. Awesome gives them another audition, but then shuts the door in Jeff's face.

At the Buy More, Chuck's still trying to talk to Morgan. Morgan says he never wants to speak to him again, but first he has a question: How did Chuck betraying him turn into Chuck saving him? Chuck apologizes for betraying him, but Morgan tells him he doesn't get to apologize, because this whole thing is Morgan's fault. He says Chuck told him not to spy, but he did it anyway, and then Chuck had to save him. He's sick of Chuck having to bail him out. Chuck tries to say Morgan's bailed him out plenty of times, but Morgan doesn't even listen. He says he can't count on Chuck to fix things his whole life, but Chuck says he can. Morgan wants to pay for his own mistakes and fight his own battles. Just then, the Triad guys walk in, and Chuck tells him to start with a different battle. He gets Morgan into the backroom, where they hide amid the boxes. Morgan thinks this is just Chuck saving him again, and he decides to go out there and take it like a grown man (who spies on women). He won't have Chuck saving him anymore. Chuck stops Morgan and tells him he can't just go out there with his breath stinking like garbage. Morgan can't believe Chuck would kick a man when he's down like this, but we all know where it's going. That's right, he freshens Morgan up with some "breath spray." Morgan says it's strong and immediately falls over. Chuck, "That's quick!"

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