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Chuck's wheeling one of those giant home theater boxes through the Buy More. It's clearly full of Morgan. I am annoyed by this, because he could have just taken Morgan out the back instead of going through the store. Which would make more sense anyway, because wouldn't that be where people load their packages? I know it had to be done this way to work, but it still annoys me. The Triad guys approach Chuck and ask where the stalker is from the party the other night. Chuck tells them he went out the back for pizza or something. They head toward the back and Chuck presses some sort of emergency button that alerts Casey and Sarah to get to Chuck, who's in trouble. As Chuck continues pushing the cart, Anna tells Chuck she wants to talk to him. He leaves Morgan alone on the cart and she shows him her boyfriend on the TV. It's a news piece about the fancy car auction, and Chuck flashes on an attendee of the auction: an ambassador. Casey and Sarah run up and Chuck tells them that the Triads are going to kill the Chinese ambassador. Sarah asks why he'd walk into a known Triad den, but Casey exposits that Wang has a legitimate business, so the ambassador doesn't know. Chuck says they've just got to get Morgan, but finds his cart is missing. Uh-oh. We get a close-up of Morgan's snoring face inside the home theater box, which is being placed in the back of a van by the Triads. Chuck runs out the back door, followed by Casey and Sarah, just in time to see them drive off with Morgan.

Chuck, Sarah, and Casey show up at the auction in a Nerd Herd car. When they get there, they order Chuck to stay in the car. He doesn't want to, but they insist. We know this always goes well, right? They're gone about two seconds when he sees the SUV Morgan's in. He follows it to where it parks next to a Rolls Royce. He flashes and realizes there's a bomb in the car's hood ornament. They are giving the car to the ambassador, who's always dreamed of having a Rolls Royce. Smooth asks about last night's problem, and when she finds out he's not dead, she has her guys put him in the trunk of the Rolls Royce, to kill two birds with one bomb (a little easier to do than with a stone). Chuck calls Sarah and Casey on his watch and tells them what's going on. Sarah tells him to stay where he is. She tells Casey to get Chuck, and she'll get the car. Which is confusing since Chuck was just watching the car. It must have been from far enough away they'd have to split up to do this? And how do they know where the car is if it's not near Chuck? This episode was a lot better without close inspection.

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