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Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do

In Super Secret Spy Lair, Chuck, Casey and Sarah gather around the table. Chuck tries to pump Sarah for details on Bryce, but General Beckman interrupts. She's looking pissy. Maybe Roan hasn't gotten there to work his magic on the uptight lady. She informs them that the Fulcrum threat is much worse. There's a microchip on the loose that has classified intelligence about all the spies' covers available for the new intersect. Agent Larkin apparently discovered that Von Hayes (Steve Valentine, a.k.a. that guy from Crossing Jordan) is trying to use his super-geeky brain to decode the chip on Fulcrum's behalf. Mr. Hayes is having a bitchin' party. They have to go undercover as a married couple. Chuck's excited and ready to get his tux cleaned, until Beckman tells him that this mission requires a real spy. [And yet Chuck was good enough for last week's mission, which needed a real spy who was also good with the ladies. Riiiight. - Zach] And then all Mission Impossible-style, with fog (technically freezer vapors) and everything, Bryce comes barging in, making up some bullshit excuse about traffic. Sarah and Bryce will be happily married, while Chuck gets to play waiter. Bryce puts a ring on Sarah, er, Mrs. Anderson's finger, and she smiles sweetly. Chuck looks stunned. Poor guy. It was one thing when he thought she was out of his league, but another thing for him to be very close to his dream, and then lose it. Credits.

Casey and Chuck are back at the Buy More. Chuck tries to get info on the Andersons. Casey wants to know if Chuck's worried that Bryce is going to steal Sarah. Hey. Before I thought he was just being oblivious to Chuck's feelings, now he's just being mean and unsympathetic. Though that's kind of what I like about his character. Moving on. Chuck says things between him and Sarah are strictly professional. And then he sucks up to Casey, saying he wants to learn from the master. Casey loves that someone is stroking his ego, so he happily doles out the info on the microchip recovery mission. It involves Bryce and Sarah being very affectionate. Chuck's not happy. I think I'm sensing the theme of this episode.

Over at the fro-yo shop, Sarah's cleaning. Bryce is hitting on her. She tries to put a stop to it, saying that the Andersons should just be a cover, that they shouldn't get back into a relationship. Bryce looks confused, because he's perfect. Why wouldn't she want him? He tries to shrug it off. Ellie walks by and sees Bryce and Sarah holding hands and talking and smiling.

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