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Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do

Big thug guy (presumably Fulcrum) shows up at the nurse's station to find out where Sarah's room is. The nurse happily tells him, and we see a sleeping Sarah blissfully unaware of the events about to unfold. Probably sweet-dreaming about her twisted love triangle with the dishy super-spy and the nerdy tech whiz, and maybe some visions of sugarplums, too.

At the apartment, Awesome shows up with flowers. They are from Bryce, but for Sarah. He intercepted them. He's like the flower spy. Maybe he could get a CIA job. The card says he'd like to meet in private and has a number, which Chuck calls. He starts ranting against Bryce before he picks up practically. But it's not Bryce. It's Hayes. Chuck introduces himself as Jorge Carmichael, bumbling waiter extraordinaire. He pretends to be Sarah's supervisor and demands the microchip. Hayes is game, so long as Fulcrum doesn't catch him. He's practically crying, because it's horrible living in a Lamborghini. Boo-freakin'-hoo. Though that color yellow would be hard to live around.

At the Buy More, Chuck tells Casey he's made good on all his failings the night before, by negotiating the return of the microchip. Of course there are terms. Hayes wants to only deal with Chuck and full immunity. Simple enough. But wait, there's more. Hayes also wants 4.5 million dollars in unmarked bills. That's a teensy problem.

Sarah wakes up to see smarmy thug in doctor gear checking out her chart. Good news, she's getting released in a few hours. Then he injects a substance into her IV, but being the smart girl she is, she spots the phony ID, kicks him, breaks his arm over the bed and flips him, all while sitting down. She totally rocks this scene, which ends with a needle at thug guy's throat and Sarah demanding to know where the Fulcrum honcho is.

Random train station, which looks like the one from the end of Can't Hardly Wait, Chuck sits with a massive duffle bag, and he does some weird moves that I can't even explain, but they involve eye gestures and shuffling. He and Hayes size each other up, check out the money/microchip and then have a fight about who goes first. Hayes is new at this, as well. Neither has done a hand-off before, so it's awkward to say the least. But Fulcrum picks up on the squabbling, one guy pulls a gun, and Hayes starts running. Casey is rightly miffed, as he and Bryce take off after Hayes. They leave Chuck with the big bag 'o money. There's a showdown on the train platform with a skittish Hayes in the middle. Chuck runs up, looking all puffed up: he's got the cash, and he tells the thugs they can have the cash if they leave Hayes. It's that or die in a gunfight. Seems kind of an obvious choice. The main thug grabs the cash, and then they all take off. Hayes is amazed. He even hugs Chuck. Casey's displeased. He may have gotten the microchip back and saved Hayes's ass, but he gave away a boatload of moolah. Casey goes after the cash.

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