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Breakin' Up Is Hard to Do

At the super secret spy lair, Sarah defends her actions to Casey. Casey ignores her. So she walks off and sees Chuck sitting by the fountain. They've got stuff to talk about before dinner. He thinks she's amazing, everything he ever wanted, and he dreams about how it would be if they didn't have to have a fake relationship. He can't wait to get the Intersect out of his head so they can get on with their lives. But he says they can never have a future together, because it would never really be real, because she's got too many secrets. He wants more than that from his girlfriend. He can't live with her spy lifestyle and not knowing what she's doing. He just wants a normal life. And would like to have a normal girlfriend. She can't be there. She assures him that when the Intersect is no longer occupying his brain, he'll forget about her. Doubtful. Chuck looks like he's going to cry. There's some sniffling, from Sarah. They both are miserable about the split. And then they have to return to their fake relationship, which is now really awkward and full of faux smiles.

Ellie's excited to show Sarah the bridesmaid dresses. Awesome says that maybe Chuck is next to walk down the aisle. There's a longing look between the two of them. Then later he's alone in his room. Looking at the picture of them together. And he spots the glasses that Bryce left for him. He looks kind of good in the spy glasses. He goofs around doing his best James Bond, when the glasses go all wonky and soon Chuck's receiving an Intersect update. Chuck goes haywire and falls to the ground muttering his hatred of Bryce.

Next week, Nicole Richie.

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