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Laughing Gas is the Best Medicine

Agent Cylon and Casey are still cleaning guns, as Agent Cylon talks bad about Sarah getting all wrapped up in her feelings for the asset. She says this must have jeopardized missions, so Casey must be glad she's gone so things can finally be professional. Judging by the scowl on Casey's face, I don't think he's glad Sarah's gone. He starts to say as much, but is interrupted by a beep that's announcing Ahmad's heart isn't beating, or their equipment is broken. Chuck's calling Casey about Awesome's key card when he hears voices. He drops his phone on the bed and runs to the front door. He sees the terrorists and says, "This is very not awesome. Very not awesome." He puts on Awesome's doctor coat and answers the door. The guys scan him, find his watch and throw it in the fountain, then kidnap him.

At the Buy More, Morgan smells heaven, which means Ellie's behind him. She asks him what happened last night at Awesome's party. He says there's a "bro code," so she can't ask him that. He says he's sorry, but he can't. She walks off, and sees a bunch of pictures that Jeff and Lester are looking at. They're of a passed-out Awesome with Agent Cylon. I wonder when she bothered to take those pictures with all of the mission stuff and gun porn to attend to. Lester sees Ellie, and tries to stop her from storming out. He says, "Ellie. Ellie. Ellie. Ellie. Eleanor. Elizabeth. Elton."

Sarah arrives at Chuck's and goes through the Morgan door. She's about to leave a note on his bed, but sees his iPhone laying there. She goes to the Orange Orange, but is denied access to Castle. She calls Casey on a monitor to tell him she can't get in. Agent Cylon says that's because she's off the assignment. Sarah says she thinks Chuck's in trouble and holds up his iPhone. She says he never goes anywhere without it. Casey says she's right, then tells Agent Cylon what he was going to say earlier: He disagrees with her assessment about Sarah. She's a pro, and the best damn partner he ever had. Awwww. He lets her in.

Sarah comes in and says she found the phone when she went to say goodbye to Chuck. Agent Cylon says this directly disobeyed an order, which is why she was fired. Sarah says there's nothing stopping her from kicking Agent Cylon's ass, then. Yes, please! But instead she pushes by and looks at surveillance of Chuck's. Agent Cylon says he's in the courtyard and is fine. Sarah zooms in and we see his watch in the fountain. They wonder how they could have lost the signal on the GLG-4000, which is apparently what Casey put inside Ahmad. Since it's supposed to track deep inside the Afghani caves, it would have to be inside six feet of steel to block that signal. Sarah finds where his heart last registered. It's a bank vault: Dubai Federal Bank & Trust. Casey tells her "Good work," and they all head that way. But Chuck's just getting there himself. Zamir tells him it's time to remove the bug he placed inside his friend. If Chuck doesn't save Ahmad, nothing can save Chuck.

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