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"I Miss Knowing Kung-Fu"

He sits down and tells General Redhead he's ready. "Bye, Captain Morgan." Ah, I think you can still drink rum. He puts on some sunglasses, and the Intersect's gone. When it's over, Casey asks how he is and when he says he's fine, Casey punches him in the gut for dumping Alex. Morgan wants to apologize to Alex, and would also like to remind him his mind was melted. Chuck asks how his memory is. "Do you remember Die Hard, Star Wars, Chewie, Yoda, yippee-ki-yay?" Morgan doesn't; that all sounds like gibberish to him. Sarah: "It is." Then she smiles sweetly at Chuck. But Morgan feels fine otherwise, and says his brain must have just gotten rid of unimportant stuff. Which we all know, with Morgan, is almost everything. General Redhead says Morgan needs to stay in Castle (the secret base everyone can find! And, no, I won't let this go) until she lets them know the hit's been called off. Then she tells them all not to screw up like this again. "Stop playing with government toys. You have plenty of your own." Gotta love the General Redhead snark. I miss her being a regular cast member. I like her so much more than Big Mike and the artist formerly known as Jeffster!

Awesome's having a Mommy and Me yoga class in the courtyard of their apartment, and he's killing it. So is Clara. When Chuck and Sarah get home, he whispers to them about how much better Clara is at this (being lifted by parents) than all the other babies (whom he calls "jokers"). He says he could do this paternity leave thing forever, and has totally adjusted. Ellie's on her way to work, and lies that she's so happy Devon's home and has gotten so into this. But she's secretly trying not to cry when she leaves. Then Chuck and Sarah head to their place and discuss how normal, nice, and happy Ellie and Awesome are. And they are not normal (though they are nice and happy), which seems to bug them. And, even as spies, they suck now. I mean, what kind of spies are kicked out of the CIA? She tells them they'll figure it all out and they start making out and heading to do even more (which is odd, because they just told Awesome they had no time to hang out at Baby Yoga), when General Redhead texts them to return to Castle. Now.

Castle. General Redhead's back on her TV screen, telling them that most assassins have been called off. Morgan says that's like getting most of the brain tumor. They realize Decker's the problem, and wonder why he won't let this go since he's already ousted them from the agency. General Redhead starts to explain, but the TV goes staticky and Decker pops up in her place. He smirks that he hears they're having "the most unfortunate little kill-order mix-up." General Redhead pushes herself into a split screen with him, and tells him never to interrupt her again. "I am still your superior." In that case, why on earth could he get them all ousted from the CIA? And why can't she do something about Decker? He clearly has some friends in high places. Anyway, he explains that he can't reach one person his kill order went out to. Someone called "the Viper," and General Redhead knows the name. This person has never not completed a mission, and missions to the Viper cannot be recalled. All the Viper knows is the name "Morgan Grimes." Well, let's hope there are no other Morgan Grimeses in the country, then. Decker leaves them all with a list of names the Viper's killed, which goes on and on forever. Morgan realizes he'll be down here forever, but Sarah and Chuck say they're on it. Casey: "Yeah. Leave it to the three friends you recently stabbed in the back." Cake opening. Then they're all on computers trying to figure out how to take care of this Viper situation. Chuck suggests reasoning with him, like normal people. Morgan doesn't look convinced.

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