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"I Miss Knowing Kung-Fu"

Buy More. Lester laughs like a maniac, a desperate attempt to get Jeff's attention to tell him he's rigged the Buy More Salesman of the Year competition so he can go to the convention for the winners. Jeff's not sure he's happy about this; I mean, what if he wants to go? Lester reminds him he's always been happy to be number two. But Jeff doesn't like that anymore. He tells Lester that he'll fill better if he earns this on his own. Big Mike walks up then and notices Jeff's reading a book (Flowers for Algernon, FYI). He runs to get his camera.

Castle. Chuck gives Morgan a bag of DVDs, and tells him to start with Star Wars. Chuck is so jealous. He tells him not to worry. "The Force is strong with this one." Morgan says he has no idea what that means, but he is hooked. Chuck tells Morgan to enjoy while they figure this out. Morgan asks Casey to watch the movies with him, and Casey declines, but pretends all is forgiven. To show him just how forgiven, he recommends watching The Phantom Menace first, because it's the best Star Wars and everyone loves it. Morgan's so excited.

Jeff's on the phone with Chuck, and Chuck's confused at how professional Jeff sounds, so doesn't quite believe it's him. Jeff tells Chuck they need a decision on who will be chosen to go to the Buy More Salesman of the Year event in Riverside, and they cannot locate their manager. Chuck says he'll call corporate and let them know. He gets off the phone, and tells Casey and Sarah he's figured out how to find the Viper. Later, at the Buy More, he tells everyone that Morgan Grimes is the Salesman of the Year, and he'll be the one going to the event. Lester decides to revolt, since this is clearly a fix. Even Big Mike agrees Morgan can't have won this, but then Jeff gives them an inspirational speech about how lucky they are to work here, and they can use this as a wake-up call to work even harder. Everyone rallies around him. Chuck tells Jeff he doesn't know what's going on, but he likes it. Then he heads back to Castle. Lester, meanwhile, seethes.

At Castle, Chuck lays out the plan that they make this event totally public. Morgan says this is totally cool with him, except the part where he is allowing himself to be hunted and he's no longer the Intersect. Chuck says it won't be so bad, and then swaps his own face with Morgan's in all the publicity stuff they're releasing (and on Morgan's Facebook page). He and Sarah show up at the sunny event in Riverside, where he introduces himself as Morgan Grimes, as someone with a million guns laying out on their hotel bed (the Viper, apparently, doesn't believe in discretion) looks up Morgan's picture on the Buy More website. It's been swapped with Chuck's.

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