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"I Miss Knowing Kung-Fu"

The Buy More party is basically a luau, with huge drinks and leis. David Koechner (whose name is Bob) gives a speech to them all about getting their mingle on. Sarah and Chuck get to it, then, though they have ulterior motives. Casey talks into their earpieces about how to use their fingerpad lie-detection: They have to actually touch their subject. In other words, they need to mingle much more intimately than social norms would dictate. Sarah reminds Chuck the Viper kills at close range, which is why he's so accurate. So he could kill any way but sniping. He's poisoned (Chuck spits out the hors d'oeuvres he was about to eat), strangled, knifed, drowned (and there is a pool here). Sort of makes you wonder about the hotel bed covered in guns, doesn't it? Chuck gets it: "Lots of ways to die today." Sarah tells him she'll neutralize the target once they've ID'ed him. Chuck says that's not normal husband-wife conversation. Chuck dodges a nonthreatening knife (yet the guy is walking with it sticking out, so that's at least unsafe). He hands it to a fishy-looking bartender.

Then they start to mingle. Chuck shakes hands and asks questions, then touches another guy on the back. Casey detects they both pass the lie detector tests, despite their horribly pathetic life stories. Bob comes over and forces shots on them all. Chuck is too afraid to drink his, for obvious reasons (but he doesn't touch the guy to see if he's a liar). They're all yelling to drink it, and the bartender asks Chuck to "please drink it; they're so loud." Then another guy drinks it for Chuck. And doesn't die. But Chuck tells him he's a lifesaver. Sarah's mingling with others, who also turn out not to be liars. Lots of people pass, and we're spared having to listen to them all. Then Bob comes up behind Chuck and wraps something around his neck. Chuck assumes he's about to be strangled, but it's just a lanyard to get him into the buffet. Sarah finds Catherine Dent on the phone with her sick son, and they start talking. Sarah touches her own arm as she tells the lady, whose name is Jane, that she's here with her husband, Morgan Grimes. Casey tells her to move her hand, since she just checked herself. Good news, though: She's such a good liar that she passed. Jane whines a bunch about how hard it is to be a mom and wife when she's working so hard. Sarah touches her arm and tells her she understands. Jane tells a story about "Crazy Bob," and Casey tells Sarah she passed the lie detector. Someone throws Chuck in the pool, and Sarah sees it from across the way, assumes a drowning's going on, and jumps in after him. Everyone jumps in, including Crazy Bob and Catherine Dent. It's pretty ridiculous, but pretty funny.

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