Chuck Versus the Business Trip

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"I Miss Knowing Kung-Fu"

Castle. Morgan's so happy to have the Viper/bartender captured. He asks Chuck if he can go home now, and Chuck says he can because they're not letting this guy go until he acknowledges the hit's been called off. He's being very stubborn about that, however. Sarah tells Morgan he's free to go, but Casey tells him if he goes anywhere near Alex, he'll be on another hit list. Then he leaves -- and forgets his phone -- so Chuck helps Morgan use it to text Alex and ask her to meet him (meaning her father) at the Buy More. Sarah watches the whole thing, as Chuck and Morgan carry this out while spouting platitudes. Chuck: "It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission." Morgan: "Truer words have never been spoken." Chuck: "A stitch in time saves nine." Morgan: "You can lead a horse to water." Not sure what any of that had to do with what they just did. Sarah tells Chuck she needs to make a call to tell Jane she can't make it to coffee, but he tells her to go ahead, because he and Casey can handle the Viper handoff. She's so excited about having a real friend that she just smiles gleefully, kisses her husband, and heads off.

Awesome and Clara are at the Buy More, where Awesome's checking out Jeff. He can't believe the improvements in motor skills, language abilities, reflexes and memory. Jeff says he's started to see a lot of things more clearly. Lester hovers outside the door, glaring. Ellie busts in then, tells them hello but really only notices Clara. She picks her up and kisses her and takes her away, basically ignoring Awesome's story about Jeff. When she's gone, Jeff tells Awesome that Ellie isn't happy. She wants to be home with her child, though she'll never say it. Fresh air, he says, has made him intuitive.

Alex shows up at the Buy More, and Morgan approaches her. She doesn't want to talk to him, though. He apologizes, but she says there's nothing he can say to make this okay because he's not the man she thought she loved. He calls her back, and asks if she wants the truth. He tells her he had a supercomputer in his head, which was melting his brain. She scoffs, for obvious reasons. Jeff's still in the backroom with Big Mike (and a tub of cheeseballs). Lester's running a hose from Jeff's van's exhaust pipe into the backroom. Sarah notices it on her way out, but forces herself to ignore it and go have a normal friend. Chuck questions the Viper, and then realizes they took him down way too easily, and that they were supposed to catch him. Sarah gets into her car and puts the key in, but Chuck gets there and stops her before she turns it. He says he knows they're trying to be normal, but if they weren't trying to, they would realize it's weird she made a new friend right now. Sarah notices a car bomb at her feet, and they realize they're onto something here. Chuck tells her not to move her foot.

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