Chuck Versus the Business Trip

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"I Miss Knowing Kung-Fu"

Jane, aka the Viper, shows up at the Buy More looking for Morgan Grimes. But the picture she holds up this time is the real Morgan. How'd she know? Morgan and Alex are luckily both short enough that when he's blabbing about the supercomputer to her behind a rack of DVDs or something, the Viper can't see him, and neither can the Buy Moreian she's asking. Unluckily for Morgan, though, Alex is not buying his story even a little bit. Chuck texts Morgan and tells him they got the wrong Viper, and the real one is a harmless-looking brunette. He peeks around the rack and sees her. He pulls Alex away to safety, but Casey sees him on the Buy More surveillance cam manhandling her and is not happy.

Big Mike passes out from the fumes in the backroom. Jeff picks him up and takes him out of the room, and asks Buy Moreian Skip to pull the fire alarm. He does, which really throws off the Viper's game plan. Jeff tells everyone he's saving them. Lester says he has no apologies for this, because he needs Jeffrey back. Jeff shakes his head. Casey tries to get out of Castle, but it locks him in because of the security threat. That seems pretty stupid. Chuck's in the trunk of Sarah's car trying to figure out how to deactivate the bomb. Morgan tells Alex that an elusive assassin is hunting him, and she says he's legitimately insane. He shows her the Viper and her gun, and she starts to believe it. Morgan calls Casey, who answers by telling him he's going to rip his face off. But when he hears what's up, he tells Morgan to get Alex to broom closet, where she'll be safe. "You want to live? You're gonna take care of my daughter." Morgan manages to slip by the Viper and get her there.

At the car, Sarah tells Chuck she's getting some texts: Jane's in the Buy More, and Casey's locked in Castle. Chuck sets the bomb counting down and tells Sarah to tell them they'll be there in less than ninety seconds. Chuck says he kinda remembers how to do this. It's normally the red wire, or the green one. He's not really sure. Morgan gets Alex into the broom closet, and tells her he loves her. "You don't have to say it back. It would have been romantic, but that's fine." He leaves her there. Sarah's mad at her desperation for a normal friend, but Chuck tells her not to beat herself up, and not to move her leg because this is a nasty bomb. He comes in to work on the bomb at her feet, which gives us our Sarah Porn of the episode, since she has to lift the other leg up onto the steering wheel. She's wearing a shortish skirt, and high heels. So ... you get why the writers would put her in this position.

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