Chuck Versus the Business Trip

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"I Miss Knowing Kung-Fu"

She calls Jane/the Viper, and cries all about how she's sorry she's running late, but she's having a really bad day and needs someone to talk to. The Viper tells her to just get in the car and come see her already, but Sarah tells her she's too upset to drive. The Viper continues to look all over the place for Morgan, who's hiding in the backroom. The Viper's in the room with Morgan. Sarah stops the crying and tells Jane she hasn't been honest to her about a couple of things. 1. She's a spy. She pulls a gun on the back of Jane's head. Then tells her she's really amazing at what she does, because Sarah really trusted her. "And I don't do that very often." The Viper tells her she shouldn't. Chuck jumps in between Morgan and the Viper's gun and tells her to stop, because he has the bomb. She says that means it's disarmed and tells him goodbye, but Sarah kicks the gun out of her hand and punches her out. Chuck thanks Sarah, then Morgan pops out of the recycling bin he's hiding in, and says, "I miss knowing kung-fu." Chuck smiles sympathetically, because ... who doesn't?

Castle. General Redhead and Decker are on a split screen again, telling the Team what remarkable work they did capturing the Viper (who is standing there with them, weirdly, as is the bartender). The Viper apologizes to Decker, but he says he's a good guy, and he would never have wanted her to complete this mission. Sarah asks if, in front of all these witnesses on a recorded feed, he's saying the hit is off. He says he is, and their business is done. Then he wishes Team Bartowski luck running a spy business with no Intersect. General Redhead shakes her head disapprovingly. Decker closes with "See you never," and they both go away. Casey calls Decker a "quippy bastard." Chuck leads the bartender and the Viper out to freedom (apparently there's no crime in trying to kill people these days?). Casey and Sarah stay behind, wondering why Decker took that so well. But they both seem to know why, and Casey tells her he'll take care of it. She looks concerned, but knows what they're doing is right.

Buy More. Jeff tells Lester they need to talk, but Lester says it's not necessary. He gets that they're no longer friends. "Like I care." Jeff says he cares, and Lester needs to learn there are repercussions for his actions, which is why he called the cops, who are there to arrest them. Lester asks what for, and the cops say, "Attempted homicide." Lester screams for Jeff, but Jeff doesn't flinch. The cops cuff him and lead him away.

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