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"I Miss Knowing Kung-Fu"

In the apartment courtyard, Alex stands up for herself and tells Morgan they're not going to get back together. He lied to her -- he told her was done spying, for one thing -- and hurt her. He's her hero now, but not her boyfriend. She says they can still be friends, and he says he understands. They hug. I don't care about this relationship enough to quibble or anything, but that was rather anticlimactic. Though I'm glad she didn't take him back. Anyway, they arrive at Sarah and Chuck's, and head in. Alex asks if her dad's there yet, but Sarah says he'll be a little late.

Cut to Casey, dressed all in black as he's listening in on a conversation between Decker and the Viper, who's less than a block away (lucky for him she does this in an alley by Skyping on a tablet). I'm not 100 percent sure what it's all about, so I'll recap it verbatim:

Decker: "You haven't said anything yet that's made me think you're still the man for the job." (What job?!)
The Viper: "I have a reputation to repair. This will get done." (What will get done?!) "You need to understand, however, that I have to protect my cover."
Decker: "Obviously. Which means..."
The Viper: "Neutralizing everyone who knows who I am: Walker. Grimes. Casey. Bartowski. Casey's daughter." (So, if she's doing a job for Decker, but wants to neutralize all of these folks first, the job obviously doesn't have anything to do with any of these people, right? Because that wouldn't make any sense at all, and this show's final-season wrap-up better make some freaking sense.)
Decker: "You have approval on everyone but Bartowski and Walker. Now get it done."

One of the Viper's guys sees Casey, and puts a gun to his head. But Casey kills him with a gunshot. The Viper and her gang hear this, and head over. She tells him his life is over, and pulls a gun. But he shoots them all (and there are at least six), leaving them all dead in the alley.

Back at the apartment, Ellie wants to hear the fun parts of Chuck's day only. He says he had to pose as Morgan Grimes. Awesome tells him he'd need some serious hormone injections to get a beard like that. Chuck says that his wife likes him baby smooth, and Sarah agrees, adding that he was the best human target ever. Ellie says this is fun to talk openly about their days. Chuck agrees. Casey comes in then, breathless, and Alex hugs him. She asks where he was, and he says he had an errand to run. He takes a glass of wine, and gives Sarah a look to let her know the deed is done. Alameda's Silver Hands, which has been playing softly in the background, kicks up over a montage of everyone except Casey being happy. It quiets down a little, as Sarah makes a toast about how she and Chuck were very sad about not being normal and she was sad about not having normal friends. But, looking around, she realizes that because of Chuck, she has a lot of friends. Awesome also has an announcement: He's going back to work. He pretends he didn't like being a stay-at-home dad, and says Ellie's going to sacrifice and stay home a little longer. Ellie says it's great because she wasn't ready to leave Clara yet, anyway. Chuck gets what's going on, and pats Awesome on the back. Morgan and Casey make up, too. Morgan says he's not bothering Alex anymore, and Casey invites him to move back in. Casey even brought Morgan a gift: the Indiana Jones movies. But only the first three, and Casey promises there were just the three. So he really must not be mad anymore.

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