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Cat Fight!

Courtyard's full of people, including the usuals plus Zondra and Carina. Morgan's looking mopey when Alex shows up. He walks over to her, and she tells him she wants to start. She tells him they're done, not because she thinks he was unfaithful, but she can't handle the leggy girls and half-truths. She says she doesn't fit into this world, and can count the amount of special relationships she's had on half of one hand. He says he can too, so she wonders why she just feels lied to, and not special. When she tries to leave, he stops her and says the reason he kept Carina a secret is that he also has no experience so has never had to deal with something like this before: his girl meeting his sort-of ex. He says there have been so few relationships for him that he thought it was a statistical impossibility. Then he tells her he'd never do anything to threaten this relationship, which means more to him than anything. He tells her he loves her a bunch of times, and she says she loves him too, but he can't do this. He says he won't. Then Carina walks up to apologize to Alex, but she just cuts her off and says it's okay, because he loves her. They kiss.

Sarah and Ellie are bonding inside Ellie and Awesome's apartment. Sarah talks about her strained relationship with her mother, and how she doesn't know where her father is. Ellie says they can talk about this anytime, and get Chuck involved later. Sarah agrees, and says they're practically family. Then she asks Ellie to be her maid of honor. Awww. Ellie agrees, and they hug.

Which brings us back to FauxCharlie, all, "Who says cats can't play nice? You never know; maybe we'll add another member to the squad." Chuck watches Sarah and Ellie hug from afar, and sighs with happiness. The women he loves.

Next week: Masquerade ball. Costumes. Valentine's Day or something. If I'm being vague, it's because the preview was even more vague.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, wonders why Mrs. Bartowski wasn't at her son's engagement party. You can contact her at

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