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Awesome wants to call the cops, but Chuck says they can't do that, "because I am the cops." Sarah and Casey both want Chuck to shut his mouth, but Chuck continues, telling Sarah, "He can handle this." He asks Awesome if he can handle this. All Awesome can manage is, "He's being serious?" Casey just mutters to himself. Chuck tells Awesome he needs him to be cool about this, to cover for him with Ellie. He closes with, "I need you to be Awesome. Can you ... be Awesome?" Awesome: "You're a spy, Chuck?" Chuck, sheepishly, "Yeah, more or less, yeah." Awesome: "Wow. This is ... Awesome!" And a big smile breaks out. He high-fives Chuck and tells him he knew he wasn't a loser who works at the Buy More. Chuck's like, "That's a little harsh." He says the Buy More's real, and that he needs him to go home and handle Ellie. Awesome's all, "A spy!" And Chuck says to keep that on the DL. Awesome salutes Chuck, and Casey would like to add impersonating an official to Chuck's list of crimes. Casey asks them not to leave him here, but Chuck and Sarah leave Casey tied up in a chair. He tells Chuck he's a dead man if he leaves, but Chuck doesn't care.

At the Buy More, Jeffster! greets Morgan with taunts about how they smell bacon when he walks in. Morgan tells them they need to knock it off and apologize to Buster or they're going to get fired. They don't believe Morgan after last time, since it got Buster put in charge. Lester tells Morgan he's going to have to accept the fact that no one on this planet is as dumb as Morgan. They leave, and Anna is standing there. She asks Morgan why he takes all this crap from everyone. He tells her he can't help it, because he's the glue holding this store together. She asks why he cares about the store so much; doesn't he have a goal outside of the Buy More. Even Jeff and Lester have Jeffster! He tells her he does have a dream, but she'll laugh at it. She promises not to, but then he says his dream is to be a Benihana chef in Hawaii. She laughs, but says it's totally attainable. He tells her he's way past his prime, not Asian, and doesn't even know where to get the knives. Buster calls his ass man, and Morgan excuses himself.

At his apartment, Casey pulls out a little lighter thing and starts burning his way out of the plastic cuffs he's in. General Redhead pops up and talks to him, not knowing he's all handcuffed. She tells him they did scans and there are people underground where Chuck said. Casey says Chuck was right, and asks if they're going to rescue Bakula. She says there's no time, so she ordered some F-16s to annihilate the site. Casey's like, "But I gave my word." She tells him she didn't come to this decision lightly, but they have no choice. Then she shuts herself off.

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