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Weekend At Casey's

Chuck and Sarah have tracked Casey's cell, meanwhile, to the Dumpster, where they find it, but not him. They see the open window he came through and don't have to time to wait for tactical before heading in. Jeffster! have Casey in their Nerd Herder. They get a call from Morgan and Lester says they had to save Casey, who "from the looks of it has been hitting the O.G. kush." Morgan doesn't know what that means (and neither do I) [Cough marijuana koffkoffkoff! - Z], but Morgan tells them to just get Casey to his apartment; there's a key under the mat. Lester: "We've got keys." They are so weird and awesome. Morgan calls Chuck with the good news, but he gets trapped in some laser beams in the warehouse before they can leave. Sarah checks it out and figures out that if Chuck leaves the laser beam, a bomb goes off. She works to bypass the circuit, even though Chuck tells her to just leave him there (guess what: she doesn't). He says she's fifty percent sexier for saving his life.

Back at Morgan's, Casey's very Weekend at Bernie's on the couch, blinking at Morgan. When someone knocks on the door, Morgan throws a Storm Trooper helmet on Casey and answers it. It's Alex, so he goes outside to talk to her. Back in the warehouse, the bomb turns itself off without Sarah disarming it. Which is because Packer and Mack turned it off and came back in. T.I., meanwhile, is at the apartments looking at the mailboxes. Casey's has his real name on it, which is totally ridiculous. As T.I. figures it out and looks for Casey, Alex and Morgan have a spat because Morgan hasn't told her dad about them yet. He sees T.I. so, knowing he wants her to be safe, he tells her to go. She thinks it's a breakup and tells him to "Have fun playing Halo for the rest of your life." As if he wouldn't do that in a relationship, too. T.I. sees Morgan and tells "eulogy guy" to give Casey a message: They're taking Chuck and Sarah on a gold-digging trip, and Casey better show, alone, or he'll have two more funerals to go to.

Morgan calls Awesome at the hospital and tells him he has Jeff passed out after taking some drugs of some sort. Awesome offers to come over, but Morgan tells him to stay at the hospital since Jeff's done this a million times. Awesome suggests getting "Jeff" angry or otherwise getting his heart rate up to wake him up. Morgan first slaps Casey, but then tells him he's been dating her daughter. He says things have been getting serious with the holding hands and kissing. He says it felt like she'd be spending the night soon, and Casey wakes up choking Morgan. He tells him he'll kill him and then drops him. Morgan gets up and welcomes him back, so Casey punches him in the gut. Morgan and Casey prepare to head to Iran, and Casey says there won't be anyone there but the two of them since there's no American presence. Morgan wants to talk, but Casey refuses, and says they're not even friends anymore. Morgan says Casey doesn't have any friends anyway, since the only people at his funeral wanted to see him dead.

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