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Weekend At Casey's

Sarah finds a thoughtful Chuck in the courtyard. She asks what he's thinking about, and he says his mom. He thought she was a prisoner who needed to be saved, but then he found out she's a bad guy. Sarah says they don't know that for sure, but he says he does know that he's putting all the people who would never leave him in danger to find the one person who left him. He's going to stop looking for her. He says he thought he needed to bring his family back together, but he already has a family: all of these people. They tell each other they love each other and she goes inside. Then Chuck's phone rings. When he answers, it's Linda Hamilton, who tells him "Hello, Chuck. It's your mother."

Next week: Robert Englund shows up for the Halloween episode. Linda Hamilton tells Chuck she wouldn't have left, and he asks if she's going to vanish for good now. She says she did what she came to do. Then it looks like she shoots him dead, which has to be a setup, of course. But, still: Excitement!

Watch the episode below, then discuss it in our forum. Then see some of our favorite Chuck guest-stars.

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DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, hopes that Linda Hamilton isn't just Bakula 2.0. You can contact her at

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