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Sarah Versus Nicole Richie

Back at the Buy More, with Big Mike gone, Lester has a revolutionary new sales tactic to move product. He says this is a teaching hospital, so channels Miranda Bailey to show his interns how it's done. We all know he could never be as badass as Dr. Bailey, though. If he had even a shred of her in him, the Buy More staff would fear him more than they fear Big Mike. Anyway, what he shows them is that if a customer's unhappy with the price on the product, you mark it down to a level that makes them happy. I wish Best Buy would employ this sales tactic, because I need a new LCD TV, and would like to pay $300. All of the sales staff (and even Nerd Herder Jeff) take this tactic to heart, offering hundreds of dollars off suggested prices, or throwing in free accessorizing products, for the rest of the weekend.

Chuck shows up to pick Sarah up at her hotel room. She thinks he's early, but he says it's the usual time for a debriefing, which he feels is necessary, so he tells her his cover story (his real life) and asks hers. She's not playing along, even a little bit. She's a lot more pissy than I'd like for her to be, and even throws his note-taking pencil into the picture of the two of them, stabbing him through the face. Totally not cool. But I'll forgive her, because it seems like her past was not exactly fun. At dinner with Heather and Mark, Sarah is uncomfortable, so Chuck tries to make small talk. Mark's in engineering and starts to tell them about his top-secret work when Heather tells him to keep it top-secret because no one cares. I could not hate her more. I think that the reasons I didn't mind Nicole Richie in this role is because we are supposed to hate her character, so it worked perfectly. Because she's already hateable. Great casting, because there's no acting or stretching required. Mark's all sweaty and gross, which Heather points out. Then he excuses himself. He heads to the bathroom and is attacked by some mobsters who'd like those bomb plans, please -- but without the "please." Heather belittles Sarah for working at the Orange Orange, and Chuck makes awkward small talk about cilantro. Heather wonders if Jenny gets to see her dad, and Chuck wants to know more so Sarah dumps her wine on his lap. He heads to the bathroom, and obviously flashes on the two guys threatening Mark. They assume he's in on all of it, so they toss Mark aside to focus their anger and guns on Chuck. Just in time, Casey (who was posing as the waiter) comes in and knocks them both out. He goes to get the van to stow them, when Mark walks out, and is amazed at Chuck's strength. He quickly assumes Chuck's an agent, and Chuck assumes his new James Bond identity: Special Agent Charles Carmichael. Mark's totally smitten, but in a totally heterosexual, geeky way.

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