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Sarah Versus Nicole Richie

In the OOSSL, Casey is trying to threaten Mark into meeting with the goons' boss, but Mark will deal only with Special Agent Carmichael. Casey plays along, calling Chuck "Mad Dog," making Chuck out to be the bad cop and Casey the good cop. It's the most fun role reversal of the episode -- even more fun than Chuck getting protective of Sarah's vulnerability later on. Chuck smashes a Styrofoam cup (that takes such brute strength!) and Casey tells Mark he doesn't want to mess with "Mad Dog." He shows Mark a battle scar and says he got that for parking in Mad Dog's spot once. Mark's sufficiently scared. But also still smitten with Chuck. He doesn't know where the meet is, but gets a text and tells them the boss wants to meet tonight, but Mark can't do that. He can't miss his reunion, because his wife really wants to go. Casey decides the reunion will become the meet. Which should work out for Chuck, since he can find out more about Sarah/Jenny there.

Lester's having a screaming meltdown in Big Mike's office, because he realizes his new sales strategy has led to them being out $3,700. Morgan puts a call out for ideas to make cash quickly. They choose to go with Chuck's idea to throw a party and charge a cover, passing over Jeff's offer to have his mom's friend torch the place. It was a tempting offer, obviously, but not really a way to make money. I'm annoyed that Anna wasn't involved in any of this, and am finding solace only in the fact that maybe she's been recruited by Casey and is in secret FBI training this week. Anyway, the party idea: Everyone's in. Jeff will call his best friend, Beer, and see if he can make it on such short notice. I wanted that to be funny, but I can't decide if Jeff is saying that beer is his best friend, or if he calls his best friend "Beer." The third option -- that he actually knows someone named Beer -- is the least funny, so I'll assume that's out. Chuck (who was joking with the party idea) is glad he'll be 100 miles away. At Sarah's reunion.

Speaking of Sarah, she's working out with a punching bag, taking out her aggression while she visualizes the jerks from her high school. A jock tells her to let him know if she ever needs a man now that her dad's not around. And Heather looks on and laughs. Sarah's interrupted from this lovely stroll down memory lane by Chuck, who has a present for her. But it's not really a present; more of an "assignment." It's a pretty dress for her to wear to the reunion. She is not pleased, since the people at the reunion are the people who were just making her kick that bag with such force. This is where Sarah apologizes for being so mean to Chuck about her past, but high school was really bad for her. He thinks he gets it, and cluelessly compares her high school life to his, what with the raging hormones and awkwardness. She says sadly that it was more than that for her, and Chuck tells her it will be okay, because everyone remembers high school worse than it was.

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