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Sarah Versus Nicole Richie

Mark's not surprised Dick Duffy is the bad guy, because he used to terrorize him in high school, so of course he'd now want to terrorize on a larger scale. They set up the meet outside with Dick, and then some actual Russian mobsters walk in. Chuck and Mark are oblivious, though, because Mark chooses this moment to express his regret at not coming to the feds right away instead of stealing the bomb plans. He said that because the bad guys threatened his wife, he wasn't thinking straight. Mark says he's just a guy who likes math who got this beautiful girl (really? Her?) to fall in love with him and he feels like he's dreaming. Right then Sarah walks in looking as hot as ever and Chuck looks over at her, completely in love. Seriously, Chuck and Sarah have such chemistry, it sizzles even when they're clear across the room from each other. Mark says he knows a cool guy like Agent Carmichael would never understand, but Chuck acknowledges that sometimes the nerd gets the girl. Sarah keeps walking on outside to the meeting with Dick. Who lives up to his name once again by coming onto her and even groping her. She gets mad and knocks him out. Casey comes over and they see he's just selling illegal DVDs, knockoff watches, and pot. He's small time. Back inside, Heather's telling the Russian mobsters that her husband spilled everything to the feds. She heard him talking to his handler, "some CIA badass named Carmichael." Then she adds, for effect, "Kill 'em both." So, are we to believe that Heather is the boss of these guys instead of just someone who made a deal with them? Because I am really not buying that she'd be smart enough to be the boss of anyone, other than her pathetically adoring husband.

Buy More. More Lester walking around trying to clean up after everyone. There are gross makeout sessions, and people throwing up. But when Lester sees someone with Big Mike's marlin he's had enough. He wants it back, but the guy won't, so they fight over it, breaking off the nose. Lester tries to stop the party, but that is so not happening. We get a glimpse of Jeff doing some sort of upside-down keg stand -- basically lying on his back guzzling his friend beer straight from the keg tap. Yeah, party's not over.

Chuck's bragging about his fake secret agent skills to Mark when he flashes on the Russian mobsters. Oopsie, Chuck. Bad call about Dick, I guess. This flash is much more certain, thanks to the dead bodies and weapons. Chuck and Mark split up, and Chuck takes over the DJ station that Casey had apparently left on auto. Chuck pretends he's someone who went to their school, and it's cute, but he's also speaking in code to Casey and Sarah by introducing classmates; he shines the light on the two mobsters. When he passes the light by Heather -- who is trying to slip out unnoticed -- Sarah tells Casey Heather's involved, and he sends her off to deal with Heather while he takes care of the two heavies. I have only one small nitpick here: Chuck shines the light on only one guy, before Casey tells Sarah to leave, adding "I'll take care of these two." Then Chuck gets to the second guy. So, how'd Casey know there were two? And how did he know there would only be two? While Chuck makes up a story about the second mobster to make it seem like he's calling attention to fun high school times, the first one puts a gun to Mark's back as Casey leers without doing anything. Now would be good, I'm thinking, Casey.

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