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Chuck Versus The Crown Vic

On a very sweet yacht, Chuck and his team have just fixed it so most onboard functions are controllable from anywhere on the boat. Jeff then heads downstairs in search of the toilet, only to find himself in a restricted area where two men are using machines to count what looks like lots of high-denomination bills. They quickly get bustled back upstairs, where the captain or whoever explains that the men were counting money from a charity event for an "aid organization." I'm surprised they managed to resist a comment here about how much help Jeff and Lester need. Anyway, the guy who heads the organization is "Lon Kirk," and after the predictable ST: TOS reference, Chuck mentions that Kirk is a billionaire. A passing extra drops a bill, and then two busty and scantily-clad women appear from somewhere and are given quite a bit of cash for, um, something or other. (I already used up my aid joke, dammit.) Chuck then picks up the bill and flashes on it, and the jumble of images makes it clear that it's counterfeit. He breathes, "They're fake," but Jeff, thinking he's talking about entirely different assets, doesn't see the problem. Chuck gives his patented Panic Face as we head into the opening credits.

Hey, Tony Todd's back! According to my closed-captioning, his character's name is Graham, but even though it's slightly longer, I'm going to keep calling him Tony Todd, because really, if you don't know that voice, there's no hope for you. In Casey's apartment, Tony Todd tells them that the serial numbers Chuck flashed on are part of a counterfeit string that Treasury has been trying to crack for years. He and Beckman, the red-haired general, note Sarah's absence, which Chuck tries to cover by saying Sarah's spastic colon is acting up. Tony Todd: "She has no history of that." This is what happens when you're merely a guest star, Tony. Beckman suggests they defer the debriefing, but just then Sarah enters and apologizes for being late, and Beckman ignores Chuck's dumbfounded gaping, or maybe it's just that she's used to it by now. Anyway, the brass tells them that they got a tip that a major counterfeiter is in L.A., trying to buy a new set of printing plates, and Kirk, who ostensibly devotes most of his time to foreign aid projects, is a possible suspect, but he's very well-connected and they should proceed with caution. Beckman goes on that Kirk is hosting a charity event at some yacht club, and they'll go in undercover, with Sarah and Chuck as the couple and Casey, as usual, as the help. Casey tries to stir some shit, but Sarah and Chuck both too-quickly pipe up that there's no problem with that cover. Tony Todd bids them luck, and Sarah hightails it out of there with Chuck chasing after her...

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