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Chuck Versus The Crown Vic

...and elsewhere, Lester is cheating at dreidl, calling a win on Nun (which makes you lose your turn). Is a joke about chutzpah too obvious? Morgan pulls Anna away and apologizes for not being himself in front of her parents, and says he only did it because he didn't want her to be embarrassed. She confesses, however, that she didn't want him to meet them because of who she is in front of them -- demure and obedient and not acting like herself. They have a nice moment before going off to do each other on the break room table. I hope people don't really eat off that thing.

Sarah turns up, and Chuck is happy to see her and gives her a present -- a new alarm clock, which he says was on sale. "I should probably scan that thing before you leave the store with it." Heh. He says it's not just a Christmas present, but a thank-you for believing in him when she thought she had reason not to. She confesses that she's not so good at relationships, and he beams at her that he's not either, which means that he's good at pretty much nothing. But she tells him that he's good at his job, not just the Nerd Herd one but the one where he's out there saving lives. And it's worth noting that she's not completely buttering him up here -- he's used his computer expertise, not the Intersect, to save all their lives on multiple occasions. He's adorably flattered, and it seems like maybe they've struck a workable balance in their relationship when they shake hands and agree to be friends. Jeff appears and offers the mistletoe, but Chuck declines in favor of dancing. Jeff: "Lame." Hee.

Casey gets a call from Beckman, who tells him that the beta version of the Intersect was successful. "This means the new Intersect should be up and running soon." Clearly the woman isn't overly familiar with beta testing. As we see she's in a grid-like room with white, luminous panels all over, she tells Casey that soon, it'll be time to "take care of" Chuck. After a pause, Casey acknowledges that. She hopes he hasn't grown too attached to Chuck, but as Casey turns and watches Chuck and Sarah dance, he tells her he understands his orders. She wishes him happy holidays, and we get a final image of Chuck's face on the new Intersect. DUN! Have a great holiday and I'll see you in the New Year!

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