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Daddy's Girl

Outside, he bumps in to Chuck. He thanks him for coming back, and says he gave him 10 million reasons to leave. Chuck replies, "But one really good reason to stay." Awww, Chuck loves Gary Cole. Oh, wait, that's not what he meant, is it? Chuck says Sarah would have done the same for him, and Gary Cole agrees. Cops pull up in front of the hotel right then, and Gary Cole and Chuck watch as Sarah comes out and talks to them, pointing them in the opposite direction of where Chuck and her dad are standing. Gary Cole says his daughter's some kind of cop, isn't she? Chuck says she is. And Gary Cole looks at her and says she's turned out pretty good, even with a lousy father. He asks Chuck to take care of her, and he says he'll do his best. Gary Cole gazes at her and flashes back to the two of them conning together when she was little. And that little girl could be a little Sarah, really. Chuck walks over to Sarah and asks if she's okay. She says she is. He takes off his jacket and gives it to her, and looks back at Gary Cole, who nods at him approvingly. Then he puts his arm around Sarah and walks her toward the hotel, saying, "He'll be back." Sarah sadly says, "No he won't." And it's over. Really fantastic episode, though, so I think he just might be back.

Next week: It's a special Christmas episode of Chuck, and Announcer Guy says the worst part of it for Chuck isn't the car through the Buy More window, or the gun pointed at his head, or even John Casey getting shot. No, it's Sarah who changes everything next week. That didn't even make sense, really. Is Sarah the worst part? Because that's not what it said. That's sort of misleading, I think. But I guess we'll see next week.

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