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Daddy's Girl

Chuck's spying on Sarah leaving a hotel with Gary Cole, and then is sitting across the aisle from them at a restaurant hiding behind his menu. Only he's not really hiding. His entire head is looking over the menu, completely obviously. He's the worst spy ever. Then he flashes on Gary Cole with mug shots and the words "Fraud" and "Larceny." Sarah's iPhone beeps telling her Chuck's location is right where she is. She looks around and he ducks behind the menu, but she's not a total idiot, so she walks over to him. He apologizes, but says he came for backup only. She reminds him it's personal, but he says he flashed on the "much, much, much older gentleman" she's having dinner with. "The guy is a total loser. Absolute bottom-feeding, scum-of-the-earth, have-I-mentioned-considerably older man?!" Gary Cole interrupts and says, "All true, but I'm a hell of a dancer." Sarah introduces Gary Cole as her dad, "Jack Burton," and Chuck as her boyfriend. Chuck sheepishly tells Gary Cole it's a real pleasure.

In Sarah's hotel room, Gary Cole's feeding her breakfast. He asks about her job at the Orange Orange. She says it pays the bills, and he says he can see that; it's "very believable." He says the hotel room, her job, "that schnook from last night, Chippy" (she corrects: "Chuck") all add up to her "working an angle." He thinks Chuck must be the son of some rich family. She says Chuck makes $12 an hour and wants her to stay away from him. Gary Cole's fine with this, because he has a bag full of money already. He tries to give her some, but she doesn't want any stolen money. He tells her it's not stolen, though. He's no thief; he's a con man. And that all of the real money is in Dubai. This particular money is from Sheik Rajiv Amad. Sarah's like, "Amad? The Saudi oil family?" And Gary Cole's impressed that his yogurt-shilling daughter knows this information. She says she has to go to work

In the Orange Orange's Super Secret Lair, Sarah tells Agent Redhead that her father has conned the sheik out of nearly $1 million. Sarah says she'll bring him in, but Chuck thinks this is a conflict of interest. Casey's happy to take care of it if Sarah can't. Agent Redhead doesn't want to arrest him yet, since the sheik is wanted on suspicion of funding terrorism, but no one even knows what he looks like. Any information Gary Cole could provide would be valuable. Sarah doesn't want her father to be CIA, because he's not going to like it. Agent Redhead says she doesn't have to compromise her cover. Just talk to her father, with "the Intersect" in tow. I love that, even with Chuck standing right there, Agent Redhead still acts like he's a thing. Sarah tries to disagree again, but Agent Redhead shuts her down by pointing out how dangerous the sheik is, and how Sarah might want to find out how deep her dad's in before the sheik does. And, you know, kills him or something.

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